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‘Looks Like She Has a Baby Bump’: A New Video of Ashanti Dancing on Nelly Has Sparked Pregnancy Rumors Among Fans Who Say She’s Gained a Little Weight

For months now, Ashanti and Nelly have nonchalantly sparked rumors about their rekindled romance. Yet, their latest performance may have just welcomed another rumor into the mix. 

The R&B Princess recently joined Ja Rule in Las Vegas for a performance at the Palms Casino Resort on May 28. For her set, Ashanti chose to bring out a special surprise guest of her own. 

Ashanti and Nelly’s latest performance has fans noticing what they consider to be weight gain. (Photo: @mhorta33/Instagram)

Lo and behold Ashanti’s rumored boo, Nelly, came creeping onto the stage as the crowd erupted into praise.

The former lovebirds, who dated from 2003 to 2014, performed their 2008 hit, “Body On Me,” and Ashanti made sure to put her body all on him.

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Numerous recordings of the pair have been shared on social media by concertgoers, who noticed Ashanti and Nelly gazing into each other’s eyes while dancing. She wore a cheetah print bodysuit with matching gloves and boots that came up to her thighs. He wore a white cap to the back with a black hoodie, black shorts and Jordan sneakers.

They appeared to be very flirtatious as they serenaded each other until Ashanti decided to put her assets on the “Country Grammar” rapper.

An Instagram page called Spiritual World also shared a video of Ashanti and Nelly, where fans gushed over the entertainers’ undeniable chemistry. 

Despite the positive reactions, some commentators were taken aback after claiming how thick Ashanti appeared in the footage. While she’s always been called a stone-cold “brick house,” many suggested that the “Foolish” singer’s thicker appearance had something to do with Nelly.

“So it doesn’t look like a baby bump to anyone else? And I’m normally the LAST person to say it! Ashanti never has a tummy…”

“Is it me, or she looks like she has a little bump?”

“Is she pregnant or is that happy weight?”

As previously reported, sources confirmed that Nelly and Ashanti rekindled their romance following their breakup 10 years ago. Speculations about their resurrected love began to heat up after they were spotted holding hands at the Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia boxing match in April.

Though neither artist has directly announced that they’re in a relationship, a source told “Entertainment Tonight” in early May that they are both “very happy.”

Prior to that, many rumors about Nelly and Ashanti’s romance came after their spicy performance at a concert in December.

The former power couple met at the Grammy Awards press conference in 2003 and began dating shortly afterward. They called it quits a decade later. Regardless of their on-and-off status, fans have also pegged these two together, in hopes of an official reunion.

After their low-profile breakup, both musicians embarked on separate relationships with other people. But it appears that their love was too strong to permanently leave behind. 

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