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‘Can I Land My Jet?’: Diddy Plans to Show Up and Show Out at Rick Ross’ Star-Studded Car Show with a Grand Entrance

Rick Ross is just days away from his annual car show this weekend, and Sean Diddy Combs has promised to make a grand entrance at the star-studded event.

In a video from Ross’s Instagram story, the Bad Boy CEO and the Maybach Music boss were spotted hanging out on May 29. Combs interjected to say he would be arriving in his jet because Ross has a runway at his home.

Rick Ross Diddy
Rick Ross (L) and Diddy (R) (Photo: @richforever/@diddy/Instagram)

“Hope you muthaf—kas are ready for Saturday,” said Ross. “It’s gon’ be a special event.”

“This just in,” Combs interrupted. “Can I land my jet? I know it’s a car show but can I bring the jet? I know Rick Ross has a runway. He has a jet runway at his house. At his house!”

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Diddy is the latest celebrity to confirm his appearance at Ross’ car show, where fellow rapper Gucci Mane is expected to perform.

After watching the video, fans were in tears, suggesting the two music moguls are seemingly gloating about the event.

“I feel like diddy ment something else when he said ross has a runway at his house,” replied one fan. “or did he say in his house?”

“How obnoxious,” added another who also shared a GIF that read “I love it.”

One individual brought up Ross’ recent beef with DJ Envy, who hosted his own car show on May 28 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Weeks prior, the two had a back-and-forth exchange on social media after Ross claimed Envy’s care show couldn’t compete with his, which is expected to bring in over 7,000 people.

“DJ envious not gunna like dis lol,” the fan wrote.

Their feud led Ross to make ill statements about the radio DJ and his family. In turn, Envy mocked the ‘Biggest Boss” on-air while wearing a police uniform, in reference to Ross’ previous career as a corrections officer.

Ross’ car show takes place on June 3 at his estate in Fayetteville, Georgia. The annual event is expected to bring out numerous celebrities and patrons who plan to spend big buckets on new, old-fashioned, and remodeled cars. But the “Hustlin'” artist has not had an easy time getting ready for the event.

His neighbors previously expressed concerns about drawing thousands of people to the residential community, noting that his 2022 car show brought traffic in the area to a standstill. The rapper was initially denied a permit from the county in which his home is located, Fayette County. The permit was officially approved last week.

More complications arose on May 30 after a tractor-trailer on its way to Ross’ mansion clipped several power lines on the property. More than 200 of the 47-year-old’s neighbors are reportedly without power and waiting to have it restored.

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