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‘Family Business That’s All’: Cardi B Caught on Video Scolding Husband Offset and Quavo for Grammys Dust Up Backstage, Fans Praise Her Efforts

New video appears to confirm that rappers Offset and Quavo had a brief altercation during the 65th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday evening, and Cardi B is being praised by fans for stepping in.

The audio footage seemingly recorded the “Bodak Yellow” rapper trying to stop her husband and Quavo from fighting backstage. Initial reports claimed that Quavo and Offset had a physical altercation after Quavo refused to let Offset join him in a tribute performance for their fellow Migos member Takeoff. Prior to his tragic death, Offset was allegedly at odds with his cousins and fellow Migos members.

(L to R) Cardi B, Offset, and Quavo. (Photos: @iamcardib/Instagram, @quavohuncho/Instagram.)

TMZ reported that Quavo blocked Offset from joining him for his tribute to Takeoff and that the two had to be pulled apart. In the video, Cardi B can be heard saying, “Both of y’all wrong. This is not right.” The “WAP” singer said, “No b—h, shut the f—k up, ’cause you shouldn’t have been talking.” 

Following the alleged altercation, “Entertainment Tonight” reporter Kevin Frazier told Cardi B that he heard her settling some stuff and she replied, “Settling? The only thing I settled was my outfit, honey.”

Offset seemingly denied the allegations on Twitter following initial reports of the argument. “What tf look like fighting my brother yal n—s is crazy,” he tweeted.

However, folks on social media went on praising Cardi B for trying to stop Offset and Quavo from fighting.

“I love how she’s not taking sides,” replied one Twitter user. “At the end of the day they both wrong!”

Another Twitter user replied, “Leave them alone! Cardi was keeping the peace. Offset and Quavo are still hurting, but I hope they truly reconcile for Takeoff.”

“I’m here for her correcting them both for whatever reason,” said another. “You can tell she cares and everyone’s just hurt. They’ll get it together eventually. Just pray for them.”

“Family business that’s all they are processing a major loss,” noted another.

Quavo performed the tribute during the In Memoriam segment of the Grammys, where he sang “Without You,” a song written for the late rapper. He performed with an empty chair and microphone next to him, and at one point held up Takeoff’s necklace during the performance.

Takeoff was killed on Nov. 1 in Houston after someone opened fire during an argument following a dice game at a private party. Patrick Xavier Clark was arrested in December and charged with murder.
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