‘Most Toxic Thing You’ve Done’: Man Unapologetically Admits to Using Attractive Female Friend to Bait Boyfriend of the Woman He Wanted For Himself; Social Media Reacts 

A new YouTube show has caught the attention of thousands after its host revealed the most toxic thing he has ever done in a relationship.

Content creator DtheDon of Daniel Hinton Media connected with his friend to put out the “DTHEDON & BEAUX” podcast. In the third episode of their show, they brought in another buddy named Don’t Trip to explore questions ranging from “Is my partner wrong for hiding their phone?” to “Would you send your best friend to prison for $1M?

One of the questions, captured in a clip on Instagram, was “What’s the most toxic thing you’ve done in a relationship?”

YouTuber DtheDon of Daniel Hinton Media (YouTube screenshot)

Fans went wild when DtheDon shared his most toxic story.

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The host started his story by saying, “If we’re in a relationship … if you leave and I still want you … where the f**k are you going?”

 “I had this one girl. I messed up. She decided to leave. A few months down the line, she got a new dude,” he recalled.

He added that the two previously had said they were madly in love.

Dead set on showing that her prince charming was a toad, he called a girl he used to date and had her slide in the former girlfriend’s direct messages.

The guy took the bait and responded quickly. DtheDon says he told the girl to screenshot the exchange and send it to him.

“She had buddy ready to meet up that night,” he said.

“I hit up old girl and asked, ‘How you and your dude doing?” he continued. “She said, ‘We’re great. We’re great.”

Then he sent her the screenshots, confident that this would destroy the budding romance.

“He don’t love you. I love you. Come back home,” he said.

His plan worked. Not only did he break the two up, but he and the girl rekindled their relationship.

The two eventually broke up because it wasn’t what he thought it would be like.

There were several different responses to his act of love on social media.

ChoclateSundae wrote in the comments of his Instagram, “The fact that I see that as love means IM THE PROBLEM.”

Juiceyelle88 didn’t think that was a demonstration of love. She wrote, “That’s why I tell people to CUT OFF YOUR EX COMPLETELY jealous people will hurt you. And then he still didn’t want her after he ruined her relationship.”

Many laughed at how he wanted to disrupt any joy that his ex was even considering, saying his “You Not gon be happy without me” line is “craaaazy.”

A few of the comments targeted the young lady. “She probably prayed for God to send her a sign too. Then God sent this fool. Ain’t no way bruh.”

One other said, “That chick probably still single and going to give some other dude that’s actually good the f’ing blues because of your super hating azz and you don’t even want her! This is why there is piss and in the pool now!”

Most of the comments agreed this was the most toxic thing someone could ever do.

That is with the exception of Instagram users Dondre Shells 26 and Blessings 2 Society. One indicated that DTheDon’s shenanigans were “wild corny,” while the other found his move unnecessary.

Interestingly enough, DtheDon’s act might have been over the top, but he is not alone when it comes down to interfering in someone’s relationship with the intention of breaking up the couple.

According to Psychology Today, 56 percent of college students surveyed have interfered in someone else’s relationship, hoping to cause a split.

In addition, according to the Huffington Post, “36 percent of married people say their ex interferes with their marriage.”

The outlet suggests that most people should no longer be friends with their exes because situations like with DtheDon: Your former lover may keep you from finding new love. When one of his colleagues asked him if he really wanted to be with the girl or did it because she was with someone else, he said it was probably because she was with someone else, adding he didn’t want her to be “happy” without him.

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