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‘He Likes to be Fetishized’: Black Man Gets Called Out By White Ex-Girlfriend for Refusing to Date Black Women While Complaining Other Ethnic Groups Don’t Understand His Trauma

Social media users are weighing in after a podcaster called out her son’s father over his dating preference, which doesn’t involve Black women despite the fact he is Black himself.

Elle, the host of the Tacos & Shawarma Podcast, invited her child’s father, Horace, on the show to have a candid conversation about co-parenting. Their conversation started on level 10 as he accused her of “lying” about her identity as a single mother.

To Elle, a single mother is an unmarried woman. To Horace, a single mother is a woman who doesn’t have any help at all, and since he helps with their child, her identity is false, he explains.

The next 40 minutes is what feels like an ugly back and forth with some unresolved issues from whatever their relationship or situationship was. What’s clear is that they have very different opinions on who and what their problems are.

Horace makes clear to listeners that he’s a tall man with money. He grew up in Philadelphia with so much trauma, and this was clearly a contentious area when they were involved.

Black Man Gets Called Out By White Ex-Girlfriend for Refusing to Date Black Women While Complaining Others Don't Understand His Trauma (Photo: Tacos & Shawarma Youtube)
Black Man Gets Called Out By White Ex-Girlfriend for Refusing to Date Black Women While Complaining Others Don’t Understand His Trauma (Photo: Tacos & Shawarma Youtube)

“This is the problem … especially with nonracial and non-African American females,” says Horace.  “It’s like y’all want Black men, the 6-7, big d—k n—s, but y’all don’t want to deal with our trauma.”

“Then why do you say you don’t date Black girls?” Elle, who is non-Black, asks Horace. “Date your own race.”

Horace dances around the question, never answering actually answering it, but inserts that he identifies as biracial.

“Why don’t you date Black girls, then? Why are all your girlfriends non-Black,” Elle pressed.

“Well, actually, I’m biracial a little,” Horace exclaimed.

Elle continued, “You don’t make any sense because you told me you don’t date girls from your own race. Every girl you’ve been with is like Indian, Middle Eastern.”

The discussion became even more intense, with the host and her guest speaking over one another.

“[Girls like] Kim Kardashian, y’all want to come for these Black n—s so you gotta deal with what comes with that. It’s not all butter and roses. You dealing with a n— that’s got trauma,” said Horace.

Elle then explains to Horace that she’s always dated men who have gone to jail, but they were Italian and more relatable, not as “crazy” as she implied Horace was.

While the podcast aired at the start of 2024, clips of the exchange have resurfaced and since gone viral, and people have a lot to say.

“He said exactly why he doesn’t date Black women. He likes to be fetishized,” one X user replied.  

“Made me giggle that he says women outside his race don’t understand his BLACK struggle, but when asked why not be with a BW he said he’s biracial … ‘a little’ lmaooo boy wtf that even mean,” another X user replied.

“These types never like black women! We don’t want him. He good where he at,” another X user commented.

While some people applaud Elle’s questions, others aren’t letting her off the hook and believe her inquiry is rooted in something more sinister.

“She’s the problem cause clearly he s—t talked Black women, and she still messed with him and was ok with him being a colorist,” one person commented under Elle’s video of the clip. “Now, she’s mad ’cause he’s calling her out for being a non-Black woman who bashed and s—d on her fetishized Black man, so she threw him under the bus.”

“She isn’t any better for laying down with a colorist man and making a baby. You can definitely tell they both bashed Black women behind closed doors cause she was way too comfortable calling him out,” an Instagram commenter stated.

The YouTube video has amassed over 83,000 views since being uploaded on Jan. 30.

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