‘Y’all Staying Together!’: Man Shamelessly Calls Out Friend for Trying to Pick Up Girls In Nightclub After He Spent ‘Too Much Money’ Attending Their Las Vegas Wedding; Leaves Internet Divided 

A TikToker’s video ranting about being at odds with his close friend went viral on social media spurring debate.

In the video, @deshawn_sings complained his friend got “mad” because he wouldn’t let him cheat on his wife while they were out partying at the club. Some people online said he broke the “bro code,” while others said he may have saved his married friend’s nuptials.

TikToker @deshawn_sings rants about his friend’s infidelity. (Photo: @deshawn_sings/TikTok video screenshot)

The comments seemed to be split down gender lines.

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In a 59-second clip, filmed in his car as he chows down on chicken wings, the TikToker who has dozens of other confession-style videos smacking on the finger food, says his friend should have never gotten married nor introduced him to his wife if he was not going to be true.

“We in the club and he tried to talk to these women, but he married, and I told him, ‘Hey, bro, you need to cut that out,’” Deshawn recalls.

As the story continues, Deshawn says his friend asked him why he is “hating” on him.

“I ain’t hating. I ain’t tell you to walk down that aisle. I ain’t tell you to introduce me to this woman, and you go get that ring on your finger,” he allegedly told his friend before reminding him of all the money he spent at their wedding in Las Vegas.

“Got me out spending all this money to come to y’all wedding to watch you coming in this club and cheat and mess it all up. That’s my money I spent on your wedding,” he casually recalled, adding, “Naw, y’all staying together.”

Deshawn said he then instructed his friend to go over to the bar and get a drink, even offering to pay for it. However, he was not participating in any of his friend’s philandering ways.

Urban Love Goddess weighed in on the video, saluting Deshawn, saying, “Good! It’s not enough men that check their friends. YES! Hold him accountable.”

Tracy-Ann Morgan wrote, “This message is approved from wives across the world… betta remind them.”

Another comment said, “Yes- ppl need to normalize calling friends out for inappropriate behavior.”

While most remarks seem to celebrate fidelity, some hopped in to remind the people what he said.

“It seems like everybody missed the point of this video. He spent too much money so you reimburse him or you can’t cheat,” Cece wrote.

Overwhelmingly the comments on his TikTok were from women celebrating his position.

The video went viral on Black Twitter and Instagram, showcasing a spectrum of opinions.

Kemi Owonibi commented, saying she believes “more men need friends like this! In fact, more married people need friends like this. You can’t make your friends spend so much of their time, energy, and their hard-earned money on your wedding, only for you to start messing things up.”

However, some men on social media accused Deshawn of snitching.

Not all of the guys upheld the “bro” code in the comments.

Popular radio host Ebro Darden from New York City’s Hot 97 said, “I say the same to my peoples, they never invite me anywhere,” but later added. “Gotta be a comedy skit…”

Teacher Kimberly Worthy also believes this was all a stunt.

“I doubt this really happened; folks love to go viral,” she said, adding, “I definitely appreciate people holding others accountable in the moment… in public.”

Cheating is relatively common in the U.S., according to Regain.

According to their research, 25 percent of husbands surveyed admitted to cheating on their spouse at some point during their marriage. Women are a little less likely to cheat with 15 percent admitting to infidelity.

The American Psychological Association also notes that in this nation, cheating is responsible for 20 percent to 40 percent of divorces.

Somehow, without all of the data, Deshawn seemed to know this.

His motivation, according to his video, was to keep them together, adding it would all be a waste if something like cheating would end their marital bond.

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