‘He Came to the Station Hot’: Charlamagne Tha God Claims Diddy Yelled and Screamed At Him During Heated Confrontation Over ‘Donkey of the Day’ Designation

Charlamagne Tha God has done his fair share of upsetting people in the entertainment and music industry during his tenure as a radio personality.

Despite celebrities like Busta Rhymes chin-checking him for his on-air comments, it is Diddy’s alleged outburst that has had a lasting impact on him. In a conversation with Vlad TV, Charlamagne began by sharing a lesson he learned about the cultural reach of “The Breakfast Club.”

Charlamagne Tha God (left) and Sean Combs (right). (Photos: @cthagod/Instagram; @diddy/Instagram)

“What is power? ‘Cause power can’t just be noise, man. I’ve made a lot of noise, but there’s a difference between noise and having actual influence and power,” said the South Carolina native. Keeping that same train of thought, he recalled how making noise about Diddy’s music on Dec. 14, 2010, led to a tiff between the two men.

“I’ll never forget Diddy yelling and screaming at me. This is before I recognized truly, you know, the power that the platform was commanding. This is when he dropped the ‘Last Train to Paris’ album. And I gave him Donkey of the Day for that album, right? I’m like, ‘This s—t is shake weight music,’” said the 2020 Radio Hall of Fame inductee.

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Charlamagne admitted that he was being an “a—hole” when he made the remarks.

“People love that album, but I’m just f—king with him. He came to the station hot, like, ‘Go out the back door, Charlamange,’ type s—t.’ And I remember when I finally had a conversation with Diddy about it … Diddy was like, ‘Bro, you can’t do that on my first week.’”

The conversation continued with Diddy allegedly saying, “‘I’m a big boy. You know, I can take criticism of the music but not on my first week when I’m trying to get these first week numbers up. You know, you come out and you s—t on my project like this, people might not even go check for the project.’”

Comments from viewers reacting to the recent interview read:

“I’m afraid CTG is losing the thing the made him in the first. We loved ctg because he was raw and Authentic…. I understand growth and maturing. But when you start holding the truth because of your relationships, then you’re no better than those politicians that he doesn’t like…… give celebrities donkey of the day again…”

“The Last Train to Paris album is a classic and for him to be an a—hole about it shows that he just says sh-t because he feels like it.”

“Lol yo I remember that, Charla was destroying that album.”

The day after he triggered a visceral reaction from the hip-hop mogul, Charlamagne claimed while on the air that they had patched things up.

“We had a convo as men,” he said, and they also hashed out past inflammatory comments the host had made about the music efforts of Cassie, Diddy’s former longtime girlfriend “sleeping her way to the top.”

In 2013, the Bad Boy Records executive launched his cable network, Revolt TV. “The Breakfast Club” signed a deal a year later with the outlet to televise the daily show. The partnership ended in 2021.

Although Diddy is a popular topic of conversation on “The Breakfast Club,” a search of their YouTube page shows he apparently has made only four in-person appearances since the 2010 incident and called in a handful of times.

In a 2016 interview with Vlad TV, the two-time author defended Diddy’s checkered past of having violent outbursts. In particular, they discussed the “Hate Me Now” artist attacking a UCLA football coach with a kettlebell. Diddy reportedly took offense to his son, Justin Combs, being unfairly treated by the individual.

The billionaire and the coach were involved in a heated altercation at the school’s sports complex. Diddy was accused of tossing a kettlebell at one point. He was charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of making terrorist threats, and one count of battery, though they were later dropped.

“I call Diddy a terrorist. I call Diddy Circoc Hussein because that kettlebell is a weapon of mass destruction. You hit somebody with a motherf–king kettlebell in the head you can kill them… He could have used his regular hands, but it was in self-defense,” said Charlamagne.

However, the host of “Tha God’s Honest Truth” went on to praise his former boss for being a smart man who, in his opinion, has never chosen to act violently without provocation.

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