‘Now We Know Why She Calls the Shots’: Gabrielle Union Is Floored By Kaavia James’ Surprising Response Following Debates About Her Parents’ 50/50 Split

Kaavia James Union Wade is making it known that she makes her own rules in the Union-Wade household despite her mother and father splitting the bills 50/50.

In a new video uploaded on the toddler’s Instagram page, Kaavia can be seen answering a few questions from her mother, Gabrielle Union, about financial literacy. Her responses had Union so baffled, she fell out laughing on the floor. 

Kaavia James makes it known that she’s a 60 percent provider for her family. (Pictured: @gabunion/Instagram)

The “Being Mary Jane” actress began by asking, “Your money’s not in the bank?” 

The 4-year-old replied, “The bank? It’s still in there but I get more money than that.” 

Union, 50, then inquired about her daughter’s contributions for her mandatory payments to the government. “Are you doing your taxes Kaav?” 

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After giving a stern look and tap dancing on the floor, Kaavia fired back with “A lot, which prompted her stunned mother to ask if she pays taxes.

“Girl, did you pay your taxes?” Union asked Kaavia who looked noticeably confused before responding with “Tax?”

Union then bombarded her daughter with the ultimate question, “Do you pay 50/50 in this house?” 

The “Deliver Us from Eva” star recently admitted to equally distributing financial responsibility in the household she shares with her husband Dwyane Wade. However, Kaavia confessed to paying more than half, “60,” she said before doing a twirl in her white dress and tiny heels.

The camera then cuts to a clip of Union laughing out loud as she fell to the floor, while two other women in the video attempted to contain their laughter.

“60-40,” read the caption for Kaavia’s post.

The amusing video received a host of comments from individuals who also were tickled by the young star’s hilarious remarks.

“Kaav is carrying the household. Now we know why she calls the shots.”

“She knows the majority rules! Don’t play with Kaav.”

“The dress, the shoes, the hair it all says boss.” 

Last week, the Wades were the faces of controversy after Union revealed that her successful and retired NBA star husband was not the primary or sole provider of their family. Due to their own individual responsibilities outside of their home, the couple found it more convenient to split their financial obligations in half. 

Because of this, Union admitted to struggling with financial anxiety every time it comes down to her bills.

“I think I just have more responsibilities for my money. I get nervous,” she said on Bloomberg Originals’ “Idea Generation.”

Though naysayers haven’t been shy about publicly criticizing their decision, Union has remained unbothered by haters. 

The forthcoming actress even clapped back at those speaking down on her relationship in various posts on TikTok and Instagram by vocalizing her love for Wade.

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