‘She’s the Master at Side Eye!’: Fans Are Cracking Up Over Kaavia James’ Reaction to Mom Gabrielle Union Interrupting Her Meal 

Kaavia James Wade may be getting older, but her crown as the “shady baby” still reigns supreme. 

The 4-year-old recently shared a video on her Instagram page that showed her enjoying a bowl of pasta while vacationing with her parents, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade.

As she munched away, Union can be heard in the background asking her daughter, “Kaav, is it good?”

Kaav, who was too busy filling her mouth up with noodles, did not respond, prompting her mother to ask again, “Is it good?”

Kaavia James Wade is hilariously interrupted by her mom Gabrielle Union. (Photo: @kaaviajames/Instagram)

This time, the preschooler snapped her head and turned to Union as a long noodle hung from her mouth. Though she used no words, it can be inferred that Kaav’s food was good. 

“Vacationing with salad eaters be like… #LiveYourBestLife #ShadyBaby,” wrote her caption. 

As of now, the hilarious video has maintained over two million plays, over 280,000 likes, and over 1,700 comments. 

Several commenters noted that Kaavia appeared to be living her best life on vacation while eating noodles on a beach. One said, “kaavia eating pasta on the beach is my 5-10 year plan.” Others not only highlighted how comical Kaavia’s facial reaction was, but also acted as if they were the shady baby’s inner thoughts. 

“The face says ‘I’m eating it, so obviously it’s good’”

“Kaav looking like ‘What you think’”

“Please can’t you see that I’m busy”

“She’s the master at side eye!”

Kaavia earned her title as the shady baby at a young age after Union consistently documented her unimpressed reactions. 

In 2021, Union and Wade were so inspired by their daughter’s notorious side-eye, they published a book called “Shady Baby.” 

During an interview with USA Today, Union disclosed that the nickname came to be, “Because she came out the womb looking like an older person who was over it at all times.”

The “Being Mary Jane” actress and the former Miami Heat basketball player had their daughter via surrogacy in 2018. 

Union and Wade both candidly discussed her surrogacy journey on “Good Morning America,” where they revealed how the decision came to be. 

“It was getting dangerous,” Wade said. “We was trying so much, and so many things and so many different methods. And it was getting dangerous and I was getting nervous.” 

Union, 50, has also openly talked about her heartbreaking miscarriages, noting that she had nine of them before welcoming Kaavia.

However, with great heartache came a great blessing, and that tiny tot seems to be the missing piece their family needed.

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