‘Looks Like the Girl from City Girls’: Missy Elliott’s Latest Images Have Fans Certain She’s Aging Backward

Missy Elliott must be drinking from the fountain of youth because her latest Instagram photos have people certain that she’s aging backward.

The rapping emcee shared three images of herself with a full face of makeup and her hair slicked back into a low ponytail. Each slide showed Elliott in a different pose, but her beauty always remained. 

For her Instagram caption, the 51-year-old quoted her 2002 hit single “Work It” from her fourth studio album, “Under Construction.”

Missy Elliott’s recent post makes fans do a double take. @missymisdemeanorlliott/Instagram

“!it esrever dna ti pilf nwod gnaht ym tup i,” she wrote, which translates to, “I put my thang down flip it and reverse it.” 

Her photo received over 148,000 likes as of this writing, with over 3,300 comments from fans and other celebrities who were taken aback by Elliott’s radiant beauty. 

Taraji P. Henson penned, “Welp that face card WILL NEVER decline HENNY!!!!”

The Grammy winner replied, “Awww hugs you Taraji”

Chloe Bailey, Trina, and Ginuwine also were among the entertainers who were in awe of Elliott’s photos. 

A few fans found themselves comparing her to Caresha Brownlee, aka Yung Miami from the rap group City Girls. 

“She looks like the girl from city girls”

“I thought that was Caresha on the first slide”

Fans believe Missy Elliott (left) and Yung Miami (right) look alike. (Photos: @missymisdemeanorlliott/Instagram, @yungmiami305/Instagram)

For the past few months, Elliott and Yung Miami have found themselves being compared by Twitter users. One tweet from early February read, “They said caresha look like missy Elliott and I can’t unsee that s–t now”

Another user wrote, “Caresha be looking like Missy Elliott sometimes,” back in March. 

Regardless of their supposed physical similarities, both women have a lot to celebrate right now. The Virginia native was announced a few weeks ago as a member of this fall’s inductee class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This milestone also happens to be the first time a female rapper will be awarded this honor. 

As for Yung Miami, she currently has her own drinking game, “Resha Roulette.” The card game contains various cards, each with different dares on them for a person to complete. If a player declines the dare they are ordered to take a certain number of shots. 

Whether people think the two women resemble each other or not, it can be fair to say that both of the ladies have impacted the culture with their own distinctive styles of music.

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