‘The Last Time They Spoke She Was Still In Rehab’: Wendy Williams Reportedly Hasn’t Seen or Spoken to Her Son In Months Amid Health and Financial Issues

Wendy Williams reportedly is estranged from her 22-year-old son, Kevin Hunter Jr., and allegedly hasn’t seen or spoken to him since last year.

The Sun reports that the 58-year-old former talk show host and the son she shares with her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, have not communicated since Williams left a rehabilitation center in Malibu, California, last October.

The two also did not see each other during Williams’ recent visit to Florida, where her son resides.

When The Hate Don’t Work They Start Telling Lies': Wendy Williams' Son Issues Cryptic  Message as Rumors About His Mom Swirl
Wendy Williams and son, Kevin Hunter Jr. attend the ceremony honoring Wendy Williams with a Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame held on October 17, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

“Kevin is not in communication with his mother,” claimed one source. “Wendy did not see little Kevin when she was in Florida in April.”

Williams spent Easter holiday weekend with her father, Thomas Williams, and her brother Tommy Williams Jr. in Miami. While there she reportedly brought a film crew to tape their outing for an untitled project about her life but never said a word to her son.

“She also didn’t call him when she was coming, but someone in production called Kevin’s attorney about the documentary, and that was the first time he heard about her filming.”

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The source said Kevin is thriving in his studies as he attends college in Miami, while noting that he took time off to take care of his mother as she struggled with her health issues, including Graves’ disease and COVID-19.

“He’s doing really well and is trying to stay focused and is moving on with his life. He is back in college, he would have graduated already if he didn’t take off to take care of her last year.”

A second purported source claimed that the last time Williams saw her son was on her birthday in New York City last July and that the two hadn’t spoken in quite some time, The Sun also reported.

“The last time Wendy saw Kev was in July of last year when he flew to New York for her birthday, and the last time they spoke she was still in rehab,” claimed the source. “She didn’t call him after she was released.”

Williams and her son’s relationship has been fractured for quite some time for various reasons. Back in Fall 2021, Kevin reportedly gave his mother an “ultimatum” and told her she needed help for her substance abuse issues.

“Wendy’s relationship with Kevin Jr has been strained. He gave her an ultimatum. He told her he won’t be in her life unless she fixes herself,” another source claimed. “Her son has been doling out the tough love, telling Wendy, ‘Get yourself help, mom.'”

In December 2022, Williams’ son was also allegedly evicted from his Miami apartment after the former radio host was sued for $70,000 in unpaid rent. This came months after she lost her income from “The Wendy William Show,” which ended last June.

Williams paid more than $100,000 for her son’s rent in advance, but Kevin reportedly was supposed to take over the payments when the lease ended. She was then placed under a financial conservatorship after Wells Fargo petitioned the court, claiming she was of “unsound mind” early last year.

Fans are still awaiting the official launch of Williams’ podcast called “The Wendy Experience,” which she announced last August, but has not gotten off the ground. Tommy told The Sun that he worries his sister has been hanging around with “sharks.”

“We haven’t been able to help because she’s up in New York around people and we, the family, can’t get hooks in her properly to reel her into the shore,” he said. “So she’s staying out there with the sharks. This is not a woman who is in the right frame of mind to get a show going.” 

“Why are you even here? Do you see the condition she’s in? Does it look like she’s ready to start a podcast, for goodness sake? It doesn’t,” Tommy added.

The news comes as Andy Cohen revealed that Williams had pitched herself to join “The Real Housewives of New York City” despite her declaration on her canceled show that she could never be a housewife.

Cohen reportedly wrote in his book “The Daddy Diaries” that he would have loved the idea had she pitched the idea a year before her health problems became an issue. However, the conversation “didn’t go anywhere.”

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