‘Ppl Love to Box Women In’: SZA Defends Janelle Monáe’s ‘Free’ Persona Amid Criticism of Her Recent Provocative Acts After Dancing In Her Bikini on Top of a Bar

Janelle Monáe’s bold promotion of her new music has caused quite a stir among fans who found a problem with the singer’s carnal image. 

While many currently feel the “Lipstick Lover” performer is going down a road that is a departure from the persona she has shared with the world, fellow R&B star SZA begs to differ. 

SZA (right) is defending Janelle Monáe (left) against online critics. (Photos: @janellemona/Instagram, @sza/Instagram)

The “Kill Bill” singer raced to Monáe’s defense following the criticism she received for flashing audience members while performing her reggae hit. 

On Monday, May 15, @rnb.radar shared the viral clip of the 37-year-old on their page, which prompted backlash from many who are familiar with Monáe’s pantsuit era. However, SZA says she supports Monáe’s new phase.  

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“I love that’s it’s HER being free rn,” the 33-year-old wrote, “because ppl LOVE to box women in and claim that because your articulate respected and intelligent you can’t show your body or be sexual or anything else lol .”

She continued, “It’s a ridiculous notion and I’m ALL FOR HER SELF RENAISSANCE.” 

SZA defends Janelle Monáe against critics @rnb.radar/Instagram

SZA’s comment shifted critics’ attention from being solely on Monáe to both women being critiqued. One commenter implied the two artists — who often wear revealing outfits — are not liberating anything but their skin by taking off their clothes.

“@sza ….So getting naked or showing off body parts is being free now? Y’all try to turn any and everything to some kind grand spiritual awakening.”

But the Grammy winner didn’t have to defend her music colleague alone. In support of Monáe’s recent actions, one fan wrote, “She GROWN grown and can do what she wants she’s beautiful and them thangs sittin!”

The outrage over her provocative persona surged after she was captured sensually dancing in a bikini while on top of a bar at her Met Gala after party earlier this month. 

A few days following the racy performance, the “Antebellum” actress’ name became a trending topic on Twitter yet again. She posted a video of herself emerging from a pool while wearing a sheer, wet T-shirt with “PLEASURE” written across her bust. 

It’s appropriate to question the current blowback Monáe is getting because the singer has always been one to appreciate the sensuality of women’s bodies. 

Her championing of the female form has been depicted in several of her musical projects and is even seen throughout Monáe’s feed on Instagram.

The “PYNK” songstress is set to release a new album, “The Age of Pleasure,” on June 9. This project will be Monáe’s first studio album in five years and will feature her latest song.

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