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‘Somebody Cut That Check’: Omari Hardwick Reveals Whether or Not He’d Reprise His Role as Ghost In ‘Power Book’

50 Cent’s “Power” spinoffs have all been huge successes, but the ones that are currently airing would not exist if it wasn’t for the original drama series.

The captivating Starz series featured Omari Hardwick as the main protagonist, James St. Patrick, aka Ghost. 

Hardwick’s six-season portrayal as a prosperous club owner by day and ruthless drug kingpin by night not only showed his complexity as an actor but also had fans itching for him to reprise his role in the popular spinoffs, notably “Power Book II: Ghost.” 

Omari Hardwick reveals what it would take for him to reprise his role in “Power Book II: Ghost.” (Photo: @omarihardwickofficial/Instagram)

The sequel follows Hardwick’s on-screen son, Tariq St. Patrick, played by Michael Rainey Jr., as he tries to shed his father’s crooked legacy and create his own. While the series receives praise for its surprising plot twists, many viewers have expressed the idea that the ultimate curveball would be for Hardwick to make an epic return.

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This action would be considered an unexpected revelation due to Rainey Jr.’s character shooting and “killing” his father in fear of Hardwick’s character turning him and his mother, Tasha, portrayed by Naturi Naughton, in to the police for two separate murders they committed.

While news about a possible return appeared to be mostly hearsay, the 49-year-old recently shared what would need to be done for viewers to see him back on TV screens as Ghost. 

Hardwick has been on the move promoting his new film, “The Mother,” also starring Jennifer Lopez. In a May 11 interview with The Associated Press, he implied that he would return to the “Power” Universe franchise if his demands are met. 

“They asked me before to come back, they asked me in the last year and a half to come back,” the “Spell” actor confirmed in a short clip.

He continued by unveiling that he was negotiating a “this” for his return while in Boston reading the script for his new movie. 

“When I was in Boston reading this script, I was in Boston saying, ‘OK, then this,’” he revealed. “And then the ‘then this’ went to Starz, and then they didn’t come back giving me what I wanted on the ‘then this.’”

He said, “So if they gave me the ‘then this,’ if they give me the — you know what I mean?” 

The clip closed with Hardwick confirming the possibility of his return if he is given the correct “that.” 

Once news surrounding his requirements reached Twitter, several fans urged Starz network to “cut that check” so Hardwick can make a return. 

“Man somebody cut that check pls.”

“@STARZ we need a big wild a– plot twist so go find the money he want. I’m sure y’all got it.”

“S–t ain’t been the same without ghost.” 

Since “Power,” 50 and Courtney Kemp have released “Ghost,” “Power Book III: Raising Kanan,” about 50’s character, and “Power Book IV: Force,” about Tommy Egan, portrayed by Joseph Sikora.

Despite his character becoming the cornerstone of the “Power” franchise, Hardwick has previously admitted to feeling he was not sufficiently compensated for his role in the show. 

In a 2022 episode of “The Pivot” podcast, the actor revealed making $150k per episode and even disclosed that he borrowed money from 50 Cent during the first two seasons of the show due to financial troubles. Hardwick has since paid the “In Da Club” rapper back. 

Although it is unclear if James St. Patrick will actually rise from the dead, fans can see Hardwick in “The Mother,” which is officially out on Netflix.

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8 thoughts on “‘Somebody Cut That Check’: Omari Hardwick Reveals Whether or Not He’d Reprise His Role as Ghost In ‘Power Book’



  2. I’m wishing that they would make Omari Hardwick a substantial offer to come back. Every month I watch a season of Power because of the story line and the incredible GHOST 🥰🥰🥰

  3. Janice Lawson says:

    PLEASE bring GHOST back, whatever money he is asking for you would make back in publicity and ratings!!! No Brainer, it’s what the FANS wants!!!

  4. Aneita says:

    I stopped watching when Ghost died. It just wasn’t the same. I’m sure if he returned you would regain many fans. Give the man what he deserves and let’s get on with the show.

  5. Kenneth D Thatcher says:

    its setup for him to comeback the gun he went to scare his son with is the same gun his son use to shoot him with that means the bullets werent real he stage the whole incident to get out the game and to later to negociate his role as ghost the show with his return will break internet records its about $$$

  6. Graci says:

    The day Ghost return to the show, the STARS network will have the highest viewing rating in its history. So please give Omar Hardwick what he deserves. He made you money hand over fist and now it’s time to be respectful to return him to the screen and pay him what he is asking for.

  7. Carol A Franklin says:

    Power=Ghost=Power. Please make the right moves and reprise Omari Hardwick’s role which should have never been removed from the first place. He was the best actor, hands-down. Not to take anything away from Tasha, Tommy, etc. but Ghost made the show. I watched the first season of Power 2 just to see if he was coming back or if the plot was false when he was alledegely killed off the show-bad move.

  8. Stacey says:

    Please bring Ghost back, I stopped watching when he left

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