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‘Black Man Walking to a Porsche’: Michael Rainey Jr. and 50 Cent Poke Fun at Tariq on ‘Power’ Finally Getting a Car After Two Seasons of Traveling by Foot

The long-running joke about Tariq James St. Patrick in “Power Book II: Ghost” being car-less has been put to rest after two seasons. 

In the series executively produced by 50 Cent, Tariq’s character is portrayed by actor Michael Rainey Jr.

In episode four titled, “The Land of Opportunity,” Tariq can be seen pulling up to a warehouse in a Porsche as he and his two friends — Brayden Weston, played by Gianni Paolo, and Dru Tejada, portrayed by Lovell Adams-Gray — prepare to meet their drug plug. 

During the scene, Tariq stated that he had gone from a “BMW to a Porsche,” to which Brayden expressed confusion because Tariq never had a car before

50 Cent
50 Cent trolls one of his “Power” actors Tariq for finally getting a car (Photos: @50cent/Instagram, @michaelraineyjr/Instagram.)

The ladies man then explained that his definition of a BMW meant “Black Man Walking.” 

Once viewers saw that the beloved character finally received a car on the Starz network, the internet, mostly Twitter, went crazy over the fact that he will no longer have to walk the streets. 

“Tariq finally gets a car. No more walking around New York with his legs #PowerBookII #PowerGhost

“After damn near 10 years of power Tariq finally got a car #powerghost”

are my eyes deceiving me or did Tariq finally get a car?? chile business really booming #PowerBookII”

Seemingly proud of his character’s purchase, Rainey Jr. shared a photo of his blue luxury vehicle to his Instagram page writing, “We not walking anymore,” as his caption. 

The 22-year-old posted another photo, this time showing him outside of the Porsche as he used his BMW line for his caption. 

“From a BMW to a Porsche”

His post received notice from 50 Cent, who congratulated his employee and tagged Rainey Jr.’s frenemy, Demetrius Flenory Jr. aka “Lil Meech.”

“oh s–t @lilmeechbmf is not gonna like this, @michaelraineyjr said he ain’t walking no more ! #bransoncognac #lecgeminduroi”

Meech is another fan-favorite character from another one of the hip-hop mogul’s shows, “BMF.”

Rainey Jr. and Meech are known for their comical feuds on social media, which keeps fans entertained. Their back and forth typically involves them throwing insults at each other’s respective shows and sometimes their acting careers.

However, in this case, instead of Meech having a sarcastic comeback, he simply reposted 50 Cent’s upload on his Insta Story with no words.

Fans can watch Rainey Jr.’s character finally drive his automobile every Friday night at 12 on Starz.  

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