‘I’ll Be the Bigger Person’: Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri Reunite for the First Time This Year Since Blasting Each Other on the Internet

It appears as if Usher’s Lovers & Friends Festival mended the months’-long feud between Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri

The “Let Me Hold You” rapper shared a 14-second Instagram video of him and JD seemingly in good spirits as Bow Wow jokingly pushed the record producer’s shoulder. 

Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri reunite for the first time this year since their online feud. Bow Wow (L) and Jermaine Dupri (R) (Photos: @shadmoss/Instagram.)

“Ill be the bigger person,” Bow Wow wrote in his caption, “IM FOLLOWING U AGAIN @jermainedupri hey its a step … 1st time speaking all year #loversandfriends #recap.”

JD appeared unbothered by the encounter while Bow Wow was smiling from ear to ear. While it’s difficult to make out what each is saying to the other in the video, several male voices can be heard in the background, seemingly hyping up their encounter. 

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“I already hugged him! I don’t wanna do that again,” a voice said, while another joked, “I’m gonna get cooties, I don’t wanna do that again.”

Bow Wow’s comments section quickly filled with fans who shared mixed emotions about this long-awaited reunion. 

“Y’all fight every 3-6 business months…stop it Shad”

“I love you guys this made me sooo happy !!!”

“Everyone knew it would happen sooner or later” 

In a recent sit-down interview on Math Hoffa’s “My Expert Opinion,” Bow Wow addressed his and Dupri’s initial fallout during a studio session. He said he asked a collaborator from his song “What They Call Me” to step in as “big brother/uncle” and diffuse the situation. 

“Nelly had to be there as the mediator,” the 36-year-old revealed. He went on to compare his and Durpi’s relationship to Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker from the movie “Star Wars.”

“I’m the young n—a who wanted all the info. I’m ready to go, I’m ready to go and it’s, it’s, ‘No, Bow Wow.’ ” He then continued, “That’s all Anakin was, Obi was the teacher, Anakin was the student. When Anakin wanted to go out, get it cracking, ‘No, Anakin. Stand back, you not ready.’ ”

Bow admitted that JD is “stubborn,” but said they were “both” wrong, including himself, for addressing things publicly. “He’s wrong for the s—t he’s wrong for,” said the rapper and actor, noting that all he wanted was “guidance and the information.”

Their feud has been on and off for years, with Bow Wow making various claims that JD did nothing for his career. It seemingly turned into an online feud after the So So Def CEO claimed that he started the music video show, “106 & Park,” for his former artist, who quickly debunked his statement

In March, the “Basketball” hitmaker vocalized his regret in signing with JD’s record label, suggesting that the two had no work chemistry.

He also accused Dupri of keeping the rights to his music after the hip-hop vet suggested that Bow Wow didn’t have an appreciation for hip-hop. During an interview on “The Breakfast Club, he explained that today’s “generation” no longer gives credit where credit is due to those who helped them along the way.

“I feel like the outside world makes you not appreciate that. Bow Wow is in that space where he has to deal with you guys,” JD told hosts Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy on their show “The Breakfast Club.” “He has to deal with younger guys and the media definitely don’t appreciate nothin’, right? They don’t until it’s over with.”

After seeing the interview, Bow revealed that the two resolved their issues after meeting “face to face” in a separate interview with Baller Alert.

“It was good for that time and now its time for n—s to excel and do bigger and better things,” he said. “I’m at peace.”

While their spat has seemed to be a never-ending one, it looks like the two men are making the necessary steps to heal their relationship.

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