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‘She Had to Show Y’all She Can Spend Money’: Fans Defend Simone Biles’ Destination Wedding Photos Following Criticism of Her Courthouse Wedding Dress and Hair

Getting married was such a dream come true that Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens had to do it twice!

The newlyweds tied the knot in an intimate courthouse wedding in Texas last month. Biles, 26, and Owens, 27, shared romantic photos from their special day on social media with adoring captions. But despite the happy occasion, more than a few critics took issue with Biles’ budget-friendly dress and hair.

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens. (Photo: @simonebiles/Instagram)

The Olympic gymnast hit back at naysayers who specifically scrutinized her tresses, which appeared puffy in the images. “I think they also forget I live in HOUSTON TEXAS & I sweat those out!! soon as we stepped outside for pics but they can keep complaining idc idc idc,” she tweeted.

Now, new photos of the lovebirds’ destination wedding have surfaced on social media, proving that she may have had the ultimate last laugh. With a guest list of 144 close friends and family, the Owens said “I do” again over Cinco de Mayo weekend in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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Photos of the seven-time Olympic medalist showed her in luxury gowns. In total, Biles chose three from the House of Couture Galia Lahav in New York.

“I was nervous about having a ball gown because I’m so petite — but it works perfect,” Biles told Vogue in a behind-the-scenes look at her dress picking experience. “The leg slit was very crucial. It was to add, in my head, more length to my body. I think this is exactly how brides are supposed to feel — luxurious, beautiful, kind of on top of the world.”

From pearl details and floral accents to high slits and sheer bodices, fans were wowed by her second wedding day attire. So much so that many pointed out that crickets were heard from critics.

“Simone Biles actual wedding dress. You complaining heifers could never afford all three. Her third dress was cute too,” wrote one person.

“When they thought you had a courthouse wedding like something is wrong with that, then you bust out with a whole destination wedding and different dress. This here is a lesson to all those that’s quick to judge……MIND YO MUFU(K!N BUSINESS,” wrote a second.

“Y’all talked about this girl .. she had to show y’all she can spend money smh,” commented a third fan.

And a fourth comment read, “Lmao Remember the tweet about how subtle and inexpensive Simone Biles wedding dress was, despite that just being the court wedding picture? Only  for her actual wedding to be a destination one, wearing a dress by the same brand that Paris Hilton & Meghan Markle.”

For now, exclusive photos of the champagne-and-cream-themed wedding can be viewed on Vogue Weddings’ social platforms.

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