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‘Can’t Keep You Down’: Fans Applaud Mo’Nique as She Continues to Work Out Despite Recent Surgery

Mo’Nique has invited fans on her fitness and wellness journey by uploading dancing videos on her Instagram page. However, for the past month, the comedian’s funky routines have come to a screeching halt with no explanation. 

Now, the 55-year-old is ready to give her 1.4 million followers an explanation about why she limited her various dancing compositions.

Mo’Nique has shown how she still works out despite recent surgery. (Photo:@therealmoworldwide/Instagram)

In a seven-minute video shared on Mo’Nique’s page, fans can see her sitting beside her fitness trainer, Dwight Holt Jr.

“Hey, my sweet babies,” she said to the camera. “So, I had no intentions on recording this, right. Because this is actually our first time back together since I’ve had my little foot surgery, right. You know, I had to get that lil’ bunion removed because it was becoming a sixth toe.” 

Agreeing with his client, Holt added, “It was, that thing was out there.”

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Noting that she no longer has the painful bump, Mo’Nique revealed that her foot had been placed in a boot; which she propped up on the four-wheeled bike that sat in front of her. 

“I haven’t been dancing for a while,” she shared, “because you know I had to get that thing taken care of. And it is, it’s doing absolutely wonderful.” 

Although she is currently unable to do full-body workouts, “The Parkers” star admitted she still wants to exercise her arms. 

“For all of my sweet babies out there that may be in this position, maybe in a wheelchair, and you still wanna move, y’all, I just wanna share this with y’all,” she stated. “Because my arms, My arms right now, is burning, baby, but it’s so awesome.” 

“No excuses,” Holt shouted, to which Mo’Nique replied, “None at all, baby.”

Not too long after her explanation, Ike and Tina Turner’s 1970 song “Proud Mary,” began playing. For the remainder of Mo’Nique’s video, fans can see her sway her arms from side to side and up and down as her trainer directed her every move. 

As her clip came to an end, the Academy Award winner issued a plea to her “sweet babies” to use whatever body part they have the ability to move in order to successfully accomplish the workout. 

Several fans flocked to her comment section and applauded her perseverance in staying fit despite the trying circumstances. 

“This was very encouraging! Keep pushing forward Monique!”

“so very sorry to see this but even foot surgery can’t keep you down”

“Mo you girl can’t stop want stop and your trainer is a bad mad” 

Mo’Nique shared a second video with Holt showing fans her progress as she continues with arm workouts and simple routines using her upper body.

For the past few years, the “Precious” star has been vocal about her weight loss journey. In December 2021, the star shared a throwback photo of herself and remembered being an unhealthy version of herself both mentally and physically. 

She then credited the picture as something that “continues to motivate her” to live a healthier lifestyle. 

In 2018, Mo’Nique revealed that she lost more than 80 pounds, which dropped her below the 200-pound mark for the first time. According to the “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins” star, she has weighed more than 200 pounds ever since she was 17 years old. 

At the time, she filled her diet up with “raw food,” like vegetables, fruit, and fish, to help shed some of the weight.

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