‘Actual Flames’: Jordyn Woods Mesmerized Fans with Form-Fitting White Ensemble

Jordyn Woods‘ beauty entranced her followers on March 15, after the socialite blessed their timelines with several sensual pics in a single upload while showcasing her curvaceous body. In one photo, the model is seen seductively crouching on all fours on the couch, while in another she is lying on a couch posing with a glittery gold phone.

Woods informed her followers in the caption that the images look more appealing as they continued to swipe. The 23-year-old — who donned the outfit with a blunt short bob, gold jewelry, and high heels — captioned the post, “it gets better with every swipe.” Fans flooded Woods’ comments section as they raved over her captivating look.

Jordyn Woods stuns fans with latest upload while rocking a white form-fitting ensemble. Photo:@jordynwoods/Instagram

“Actual flames.”

“Giving everything it’s suppose to givveeee.”

“Baddie 🔥🔥🔥🔥 for sure.”

“OBSESSED! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 TOP TIER OMG you’re so fire.”

“Okay Jordynnnnn! Applying pressure 😍.”

Jordyn Woods Photo:@jordynwoods/Instagram

While many people reveled over Woods’s white ensemble, a couple brought up her toned physique. One wrote, “The glow up is insane !!!!! 🔥❤️.” An Instagram user cheered Woods on for her dedication to her health. ” Okay, weight loss 😍😍.”

In 2019, Woods opened up on her YouTube channel about the obstacles that influenced her to get into shape. 

She said, “I always grew up the bigger girl. I was always the taller one in my class — I was always bigger — and as you get older, you just get more and more self-conscious, when you’re young, you don’t really care, you don’t really pay attention … but it would be the little things.”

Woods also revealed the “lowest” moment that “shifted” who she was as a person and how she viewed herself occurred when she was body-shamed online as a teenager after a paparazzi shot a photo of her and family friend Willow Smith hanging out. “Reading those comments at 12, 13 years old was probably the most heartbreaking thing to me ever. I remember sitting in front of my computer reading, and tears started coming out of my eyes … That completely broke me.” 

She wrapped up that statement by saying that incident made her acknowledge how “unhappy” she was in her skin and helped mold her to be “the confident person I am today.”

Woods’ workouts consist of 20 to 30 minutes of cardio, followed by an ab workout regime and a daily routine that focuses on different parts of the body. 

Since then, the model has been tantalizing her followers with jaw-dropping pics, including a sheer see-through white cut-out dress shared last week on her Instagram page. Woods captioned the post “like that.”

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