‘The Plan Is Bigger Than Just IG’: Pretty Vee on Skipping the Audition Line for ‘Pretty Stoned,’ and Why Nick Cannon Is Unbothered By Jokes on ‘Wild ‘N Out’

Pretty Vee takes the lead in the female-led stoner comedy “Pretty Stone.” The actress and comedienne got her shine, making fans laugh at her original content on Instagram, which grew her follower count to 6.2 million and counting.

The 31-year-old has been making her way around the entertainment industry through various gigs, such as working at a record label, releasing her own music, and collaborating with brands like Citi Trends, where her electronic and beauty products are currently sold.

Pretty Vee (Photo: @Paramount Media Networks)

The Miami native also has had a recurring role on “Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out,” which is in its 20th season. But after years of playing her part and dreaming big, she landed her first lead role in a film, with hopes to snag more in the future.

“Pretty Stoned” is about two co-workers, Stella and Darcy, who are forced to work together after one of them flushes $20,000 worth of expensive weed down the toilet. Set in Atlanta, the girls find themselves on the run from a drug queenpin, played by Brandee Evans, and her associates.

ABS spoke with Pretty Vee about her new role, working with Nick Cannon, and the advice she gives to other influencers with a similar journey of relying on faith.

In the film, Vee plays Stella, a proud stoner who finds a way to get off work for her favorite day of the year, April 20. She recalls getting a phone call from her agent last year about an “offer” to do a new movie that she had never auditioned for.

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“I’m thinking, OK, it’s a hosting job or you know stuff that I normally do. They like, ‘No, it’s a movie,’ and I’m like, ‘so do I have to audition?’ He’s like, ‘No, it’s an offer, Vee. Like, this is for you,’” she recalled. “I was nervous because I know the responsibility of just centering yourself and being still and getting into your script and all that good stuff.”

To shake off her fears about the role, she attended a fitting with the film’s crew, where she received numerous signs of confirmation that it was meant for her.

“They’re like you know that Stella wears a lot of purple and I was like God, my nails is purple. So you tryna talk to me and tell me that this is where I’m supposed to be? OK, let’s rock out,” she exclaimed. “Because if I’m trying to go into the TV, film, and go into that space like, of course, you gotta put the fear aside and just walk in faith.”

“She’s outgoing, she’s daring, she’s fun, and she’s beautiful,” Vee continued about Stella. “She’s unapologetically herself, so I think, for me that’s all Pretty Vee. You know she’s a rebel. I got lil’ rebel inside me.”

Acting seemed like a smooth transition for the social media personality who makes outrageously funny skits as Peanut’s mama and other characters. She said it was “always in the plans” to take her funniness to the next level.

“I think everyone on social media, we use the tool to get where we need to go. Again, we’re not tryna stay on it, but we stay on it to make sure our supporters are entertained. But there’s always a bigger picture,” she explained.

As an esteemed cast member of MTV’s “Wild ‘N Out,” Pretty Vee has the pleasure of doing something most cannot: make fun on their boss on their own show. The cast is known to take jabs at Nick Cannnon’s love life, his music career, or even the fact that he has 11 kids.

But Vee said, “Nick is cool” because he understands all is fair game when it comes to the world of comedy.

“Nick loves it. He’s entertained by it all. He is just a great influence, he’s a great boss,” she shared. “I just love everything about him. Because he’s just helped me in so many ways and he helped influence my career as well, you know, him being a Black man and being a creative person who just don’t care and do him. I love that, and Nick definitely started my career off at ‘Wild ‘N Out,’ so he don’t get mad about nothing.”

“Nick always tells me that I hold it to my heart you can ever do no wrong,” Vee continued. “You’re a star. And I ketp that with me and I’m going to forever keep that with me because that’s what keeps me going too.” 

As for what’s next for Pretty Vee, the young entertainer is preparing to return to her other role as a smart and ambitious sex worker on Issa Rae’s scripted series, “Rap S—t.” Its second season is expected to air later this year.

She also has other films coming up and expressed plans to create new ideas to reach more domestic and international crowds with her Citi Trends partnership.  

Vee said her main goal is to have her own skit comedy show called, “Vee’s House,” and to surround herself with “the Tyler Perrys, the Melissa Mccarthys, and the Will Packers” of the industry.

“We can all create something dope,” she stated. “So I think the plan is bigger than just IG.”

“Pretty Stoned” is available now on MTV.com, the MTV App, Hulu Live, and YouTube TV. It also features cast mates Kandi Burruss, Porsha Williams, Skye Townsend, Dream Doll, Jess Hilarious, DC Young Fly, and more.

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