‘He Ain’t Getting on That Again’: A Video of Rick Ross Holding on for Dear Life While Tubing In Jamaica Has Fans In Stitches

Rick Ross is living his best life and trying his hand at new experiences.

The “Biggest Boss” was reportedly in Jamaica when he checked off a thrilling water excursion from his bucket list. In a video circulating on social media, Ross is shown bearing down with all his might as he and two of his friends go tubing.

The “Push It” rapper was at the popular tourist destination as a headliner for the Sandz Caribbean Music Festival that took place on April 9. Ahead of rocking the crowd, Ross spoke with local media during a press conference, telling them that he had plans to test out Jamaica’s water activities and to indulge in a few good meals.

Rick Ross (center) and two friends tubing Photo: Akademiks/Instagram

“I told them the next day I want to go ride water rafting, I want some real curry chicken and oxtails,” said Ross, adding that, he, like others, only has one life to live, according to Jamaican Observer. At the very least, fans checking out the video can tell he did everything to hold onto his one life.

The “Port of Miami” artist was situated between his friends on the raft. But unlike them, it is hard to tell if he enjoyed the experience. While his pals bounced and flopped around and waved at the camera, Ross opted to keep his head down as he braced for the ride to come to an end.

One fan commented, “He ain’t getting on that again…betcha dat!

“He ain’t lift that head not once,” wrote another person.

A third commentator wrote, “He like ‘get me off this ride immediately.’ “

Although plenty of laughs were had at his expense, at least one person could relate to Ross. That person said, “Tubing is not for the weak baby my life flashed before my eyes when I fell in the water! It happened so quick.”

Meanwhile, a few focused on Ross’ track “Aston Martin Music,” playing in the background.” One said, “The song don’t make it no better.”

Last year, he impressed fans when he made his primetime acting debut on Queen Latifah’s show “The Equalizer.” The previous year, the 47-year-old made his movie premiere when he snagged an appearance in “Coming 2 America.” His Fayetteville, Georgia, home, which is well-documented on his Instagram page, was used as Prince Akeem’s spatial estate.

In real life, The Promise Land mansion and its abundance of land have served not only as Ross’ home, but also as the site for his car show and for housing his many animals to include buffaloes and a bull.

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