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‘The Before & After Looks Like Two Befores’: Rick Ross’ Viral Pedicure Video Has Fans In Stitches

Rick Ross shared before-and-after pictures of his recent pedicure on his Instagram Stories, and fans reacted with their usual panache.

The Shade Room captured a video of the post and shared it on Instagram with the caption “#RickRoss letting yall know he keeps himself together OHKAY! (Swipe for before and after).”

Rick Ross Rolls Royce Phantom @Rickross IG
Rick Ross and his Rolls-Royce Phantom. (Photo: @rickross/Instagram)

Ross’ voice is heard on the video saying he did not moisturize his feet by sleeping with Vaseline in his socks, which is abundantly clear judging by the state of his feet in the before shot.

“This is not a reflection of no-self care,” said Ross in the video. “This is what you call rich … feet, you feel me? I know a lot of y’all go to sleep twice a week with Vaseline in y’all socks. I don’t do that.”

The after picture shows the rapper’s feet looking moisturized and without ash. However, some fans did not see an improvement.

Rick Ross
(Photo: @theshaderoom / Instagram)

Fans reacted to the pedicure post, and the shade was abundant. “Child I thought they dug up a mummy,” replied one fan. “It’s giving land before time,” wrote another fan.

“He got too much money to have them land before time feet like that in the first place,” echoed another fan.

One fan thought the pictures looked the same after the rapper’s pedicure. “There Should Be An After After The After Because The Before & After Looks Like Two Befores!”

“I tried to swipe again for the after,” added another.

Several fans have apparently had enough of men posting their feet on social media. One fan wrote, “I want men to stop putting their feet online. The price of eggs are high, we are going through enough already.”

“Men’s feet DONT BELONG ONLINE. His feet look like he drives a flint stone car!”

“Okay Fred Flintstone…. Just starting up cars with dem feet,” joked another.

Another fan joked, “Been working on what? The farm?”

“Put those Woodchippers away please sir,” remarked another fan.

Another fan focused on the ashiness of it all. “Posting this before bed though?! Finna have a nightmare where these feet gonna be chasing me and lighting stuff on fire with each step because of the severe ash. And I can run fast or dial 911 right.”

One fan echoed the sentiment of many and wrote, “I could’ve went my whole life without seeing this.”

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