‘I Hope My Story Will Encourage Other Women’: Marsai Martin Bravely Shows Off Surgery Scars Four Months After Having a ‘Grapefruit-Sized Ovarian Cyst’ Removed

Marsai Martin hopes to bring awareness to a painful and “scary health condition” she experienced while also facing the challenge of finding information that could help her understand what was going on with her body.

The actress and producer is opening up her story in an Instagram post four months after doctors removed what she describes as a grapefruit-sized ovarian cyst from her. The 18-year-old also has told her story to Women’s Health magazine. 

In her Instagram post, Martin shared three photos of herself wearing a gray tank top tied at the bottom with unbuttoned and unzipped blue jeans. In each photo, Martin highlights two tiny scars placed just above her pelvic cavity, seemingly where the small incision took place. 

Marsai Martin advocates for women to speak up on pain instead of suffering silently following her recent ovarian cyst removal surgery. (Pictured: @marsaimartin/Instagram)

“a lil late post but I talked to @womenshealthmag,” she wrote, “for women’s history month about my 4 month old laparoscopic surgery to remove my grapefruit sized ovarian cyst.”

Martin continued, “I know procedures, the post op pain and scarring, can be nerve wracking. I searched all over for vlogs or information, but didn’t see anything that provided the level of details I desired. I decided to share my story in full detail, so that other women and girls had the information that I was seeking.”

The “Little” film star’s health update received over 733,000 likes, but continues to grow with every refresh. 

Her comments section quickly filled with an outpouring of love from celebrities and fans who shared their own personal experiences with cysts. 

“I have the same scars from the same surgery. Took me months to find any good information. But a shot Apple cider vinegar in my water a day helped the pain”

“Thank you, Your vulnerability and willingness to share such a personal moment can help save lives and remind others that they are not alone in their struggles”

“Omg!! At 19 I had a grapefruit sized ovarian cyst I was young and scared and was told I may never have children, but now at 51 and two children 29 and 24 I’m blessed and grateful but there were no resources or ppl conversing about this in 1991 so thank you for sharing @marsaimartin”

In Martin’s interview with “Women’s Health,” she explained enduring excruciating period pains for several years before resorting to medical help. Once she reached out for assistance, the actress was then diagnosed with an ovarian cyst reportedly the size of a grapefruit. 

Last December, the “black-ish” star decided to have the cyst removed, and opened up in a lengthy Instagram post about this difficult health decision.


While talking to Women’s Health, Martin revealed that she initially assumed her severe pain and nausea were a result of intense period cramps. 

She also revealed speaking to her primary care doctor about her cramps before realizing it was an ovarian cyst causing the ache, and noted that the licensed physician recommended pain relievers such as over-the-counter medications to take away the pain.

“The medication worked for a while, but my pain eventually progressed to the point where anything that went down–water, food, medication–would come back up,” she said. 

Before the interview came to an end, Martin explained why she chose to share her story, and why it is important for women to speak out about their pain instead of “suffering silently.” 

“I hope my story will encourage other women to not accept a life of pain,” said the CEO of the beauty brand Mari by Marsai. 

She encourages others “to get a second opinion. Pain is not normal. I want other women to talk about their pain, and to keep speaking out until they’re taken seriously. And to the women out there suffering silently right now: You owe it to yourself to speak up.”

Since her surgery, Martin has made some red carpet appearances. The young adult recently stepped out to celebrate the release of a new Disney Channel sitcom, “Saturdays,” which she executively produced.

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