‘Hips? NEVER HAD EM’! Boobs? Never had em’: Fans Say Keke Palmer Received a ‘BabyBBL’ After She Confidently Shows Off Her Post-Pregnancy Body

While some women hit the gym to knock off a few pounds after giving birth, Keke Palmer seems to be enjoying her new weight. 

The first-time mommy shared a comical video on her Instagram page that showed love for her current body since giving birth to her infant son, Leodis Andrellton Jackson, on Feb. 25. 

Keke Palmer shows off body following pregnancy. (Photo: @keke/Instagram)

“Last time I spoke to y’all, I was letting y’all know that my son cleared my skin up,” the actress said. 

While she noted that her skin “was still skinning,” the 29-year-old added her fuller physique to the list of things baby Leo had done for her. 

“Bow, bow, bow, body! Down,” Palmer screamed while zooming in on her perked-up bosom and wide hips.

“Get into it. Get into it cuz period, period, period, period,” she continuously spoke.

“Hips? NEVER HAD EM’! Boobs? Never had em’! Booty? BARELY. Thanks son,” the “Nope” star wrote as her caption. 

Her video received over 190,000 likes, over one million plays, and over 5,000 comments filled with supporters who recognized her thicker body-ody. 

“Not a BabyBBL-Lift Set combo”

“When you don’t get a BBL at 18 and naturally develop”

“Ya son gave you a BBL”

“BOW, the bodyyy is bodying” 

A few celebrities such as Chloe Bailey, Kandi Burruss, and more hyped up the child star’s video by sending over encouraging messages and an array of various emojis.

Before February came to a close, Palmer and her boyfriend, Darius Jackson, announced the birth of their first child just two months after she revealed her pregnancy on “Saturday Night Live.”

While Palmer has spent years perfecting her talents as an actress, singer, writer, and all-around businesswoman, she had 10 months to gain all of the knowledge she could from her “boss diva mom” to help her prepare for life with a newborn. 

“I’m talking to all my boss diva moms around me and getting all the tips I can and letting God teach me the rest of the way,” she told Vibe Magazine. 

Earlier last month, Palmer saluted single parents while reflecting on her first few days of motherhood. 

“If you are a single parent, pull out your cape,” she said. “Matter of fact, clip off your angel wings because I don’t know how you guys are doing it.”

As the video continued, Palmer acknowledged how she quickly learned how much of a privilege it is to have a village help out with a child.

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