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‘It’s Giving I Marched with Martin, Purrrr’: Keke Palmer Defends Name of Newborn Son After Critics Say It Sounds ‘Like It Led a Civil Rights March’

Keke Palmer, 29, kicked off the final stretch of Black History Month by giving birth to her baby boy, Leodis Andrellton Jackson. 

The actress shared the exciting news via social media on Monday, Feb. 27, in an Instagram post that showed her journey to labor through several photos. She also shared two adorable photos of her infant’s face. 

“Born during Black History Month, with a name to match,” Palmer wrote, adding the baby’s full name followed by the message “welcome to the world baby Leo.”

Darius Jackson and Keke Palmer with their son, Leo (Pictured: @keke/Instagram)

She shares her son with her boyfriend, Darius Jackson, 28, who also uploaded several photos of their newborn on his Instagram page; this is the couple’s first child. 

Once news about Palmer and Jackson’s son hit other social media platforms, the singer found herself clapping back at folks who had something to say about his given name. 

“That name sound like it led a civil rights March,” wrote one Twitter user. 

Seemingly amused by the comparison, Palmer responded back, “It’s giving I marched with Martin, purrrr.”

She also ended up liking a few tweets from Twitter users who continued on with the joke. 

“This is the name of a Black mechanic of indeterminate age who fixes cars in the sticks with a lit cig hanging from his lips. And I love it honestly, Keke gets it.” 

“That’s name is vintage African American. We love it!” 

Now that the “Scream Queens” star has finally given birth, she can put to use all of the information and advice she received from her “boss diva moms.”

The Primetime Emmy winner debuted her pregnant belly in December 2022 during her monologue while hosting “Saturday Night Live,” after she addressed a “rumor” concerning her being with child, which was actually the truth.

“It is bad when people on the internet spread rumors about you y’all, but it’s even worse when they’re correct,” she said, as her belly peeked through her brown blazer. 

As she continued her monologue on a more serious note, Palmer exclaimed, “This has been the biggest blessing and I am so excited, guys. I’m gonna be a mom!”

Palmer’s pregnancy announcement came as a shock to some fans who were unaware that she had been in a serious relationship. Nevertheless, she and Jackson have managed to capture fans’ hearts and become a likable couple people often keep up with on social media.

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