‘It’s Definitely U…Cuz U Lost Ciara and Joie’: Fans Call Out Bow Wow After He Reveals He Never Wanted to Get Married Despite Being Engaged Twice

Shad “Bow Wow” Moss has had his fair share of public relationships and even got his feet wet with two engagements. However, the rapper recently revealed that walking down the aisle is simply not in the cards for him.

Bow Wow says marriage was never for him despite being engaged twice (Pictured: Bow Wow ‘The Baller Alert Show’ on YouTube)

The 36-year-old recently sat down for an interview with “Baller Alert,” where he said, “I just learned that marriage isn’t for everybody.

“It’s just something I know I can’t handle,” he continued. “I know how I am,” h I like my space, I love being at home, being at home alone.”

Bow Wow continued to note that he loved his “options,” and suggested that he wouldn’t be able to “do whatever it is” he likes to do if he were to get married. 

“That’s just me, I want to live free,” he explained. “You know I don’t like breakfast, I like to go straight to lunch. But if my wife or my girl was here she might be like, ‘We can’t eat Popeyes now, it’s only 11:30.’ Well, that’s what I want.”

Although jumping the broom isn’t in his future, there was a time when the “Shawty Like Mine” rapper came close to it. 

During the interview, Bow Wow was asked when he realized that marriage wasn’t for him since he was previously engaged to “Love and Hip Hop” star Erica Mena and to another ex before Mena, whose name he did not reveal.

“I’ve been engaged twice, I’m not gonna say who, but I’ve been engaged twice,” he revealed. 

The Billboard Award winner admitted that “cold feet” didn’t hinder him from calling off both engagements since he already knew they weren’t going to happen. 

“I knew I wasn’t gonna do it,” he stated. 

A clip from Bow Wow’s interview was shared on Baller Alert’s Instagram page, where a few fans in the comment section shamed the “Lottery Ticket” actor for seemingly leading women on despite having no desire to be their husband.

“Proposing knowing you wasn’t going to marry them is INSANE and manipulative! That s–t is not funny at all”

“Soo, you get engaged but already knew you wasn’t going to marry them, make it make sense”

A few fans even pointed the finger at Bow Wow, deeming him as the problem in his past relationships, including one that said, “It’s definitely u…cuz u lost Ciara and Joie BYE!” 

Since his time in the industry, fans have watched Bow Wow be romantically involved with several women like Ciara, Joie Chavis, and Mena. 

Ciara was Bow Wow’s first public relationship from 2005 until 2006. The two artists even had a hit together titled “Like You,” from his “Wanted” album. Sadly, their relationship ended after rumors of him cheating on her.  

During an episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop,” Bow reflected on his past relationships that didn’t work out while sharing that he “was engaged” after popping the question to Cici and her saying, “Yes.”

After they went their separate ways, Bow Wow found himself in a relationship with Chavis for three years. The two had their first child, 11-year-old Shai Moss, together in 2011, but broke things off in 2013. There have been no reports of the two being engaged.

Since splitting with Bow, both Ciara, and Chavis went on to have romantic relations with rapper Future, and now have children by him. Cici has an 8-year-old son, Future Jr., while Chavis has a 4-year-old son Hendrix. Talk about a love triangle.. or square.

As for Mena, she and Bow Wow began dating in 2014. Their relationship moved fast, and in less than a year, the pair announced their engagement. However, things started to get messy with more rumors and accusations, leading the couple to split in 2015. 

Though things ended on a sour note, Bow Wow admitted that he loved the reality tv personality deeply, but their personal problems ultimately affected their relationship.

After the separation, Mena went on to marry and divorce fellow “LHH” star, Safaree Samuels, whom she shared two children with.

Bow Wow also dated Kiyomi from 2017 to 2019. Their relationship ended after an explosive fight that got both reality stars arrested. Although Bow Wow seems to be enjoying the single life, he enjoys being a dad and welcomed his first son, Stone Kamin, in 2020.

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