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‘Somebody Help Me’: Bow Wow Let His Daughter, Shai Moss, Do His Hair and the Results Are Priceless

It seems Bow Wow may have gone through a rollercoaster of emotions after seeing the results of letting his young daughter, Shai Moss, do his hair. 

The rapper posted a clip with a slicked-back ponytail shaking his head as he jokingly told the 11-year-old to “Take it out.”

Somebody Help Me': Bow Wow Let His Daughter, Shai Moss, Do His Hair and the Results Are Priceless
Picture: Bow-Wow and Shai Moss Source: @_shaimoss/Instagram

The “Like Mike” actor continued to tell Shai, “You got me looking crazy … What kind of ponytail is this!” He expressed to his daughter that he expected a man bun at the top with his hairline brushed down. Shai interrupted him and said, “No, your hairline needs a haircut.” 

Bow Wow pointed out that he didn’t need a cut because he’d gotten a haircut 48 hours earlier, and that he’d soon be getting his hair braided.

After letting out a dramatic sigh, the 35-year-old rapper told his daughter, “You doing Daddy wrong today. You supposed to just wash my hair.” The pair came to a conclusion to let Shai try again and give Bow Wow another hairstyle, however the second style worked him up even more than the first one. 

Shai attempted to put her dad’s hair in a man bun. He was seen fake crying, shaking his head as his daughter laughed in the background. The “Lottery Ticket” star recorded himself as he said to Shai’s mother, “Joie, go get your daughter. She keep messing with me.” 

He proceeded to flip the camera and record his daughter as he screamed behind the camera, “Help me! Somebody help me!” Shai responded by trying to block the camera from showing her. 

Fans were extremely amused with the video and found the hairstyles Shai did on her dad hilarious. 

“Gave him a slick back pony [laughing emojis].”

“Man bun at the tippy [laughing emojis].”

“Aww she tried. [laughing emojis].”

“It really be your own child.” 

Many fans have either grown up with Bow Wow, or watched him grow up and a lot of fans note how nice it is to see the bond between him and his daughter. 

“One thing about Bow Wow, he gonna love his daughter.”

“Say what you want, but as a dad he seems fun.”

“I love a good dad in dad mode.”

“I love them and their videos!”

Bow Wow and his ex-girlfriend, social media personality Joie Chavis, welcomed Shai into the world on April 27, 2011. While the two are no longer together, they co-parent Shai and recently threw her a huge birthday bash celebration.

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