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’50 Gone Flame Unc Too’: Judge Mathis Checks 50 Cent for Calling Out Vivica A. Fox Over Criticism of Their New Film ‘First Lady of BMF’

Judge Greg Mathis wants 50 Cent to ease up on the jokes and remarks he made about the upcoming film “The First Lady of BMF: The Tonesa Welch Story.”

The biopic was greenlit by BET+ last month, and for the first time, Welch’s connection to the crime organization, her rise to regional notoriety during Detroit’s crack era, and the process of rebuilding her life after cutting ties with BMF will be told from her perspective.

As fans know, 50 Cent serves as executive producer of the popular “BMF” series on Starz, which wrapped its second season in March. However, weeks after news of Welch’s life story being brought to the small screen was announced, the rapper took aim at the project and his ex, Vivica A. Fox.

Judge Mathis issued a response to 50 Cent’s criticism of the upcoming television film “The First Lady of BMF: The Tonesha Welch Story.” (Photographs: @Judgegregmathis/Instagram, @50cent/Instagram.)

The actress will helm the movie, adding to her growing résumé as a director, while Mathis is listed among the production’s producers.

“This should say 263 not BMF, @southwest263. What the fvck is this man. Vivica ugh, So your not gonna ever leave me alone hun? and what the fvck is judge Mathis doing in this mix I’m done, Im done with all of you ni66as. LOL,” wrote the “Massacre” emcee in an Instagram post.

Fox hit back in her own post. “Waking up to my ex @50Cent showing #1STLADYOFBMF support! Don’t worry dawling we got this! We gonna tell @firstladytonesa REAL story! Thanks!” Now the longtime TV judge has added his two cents to the conversation.

In a video, the “Mathis Family Matters” star directly addressed the “Power” mogul and his perceived disdain for the film.

“You been critical of us, our movie ‘First Lady of BMF.’ Man, you my guy. Let Tonesa eat, you know, First Lady of BMF,” said Mathis. 

He continued, “I know La La’s doing a hell of a job, but y’all haven’t given any… y’all haven’t fed Tony. First Lady of BMF. Terry’s girl for many decades. Southwest T.” In 50’s “BMF” series, La La Anthony plays a character named Markaisha Taylor, who is loosely based on Welch.

“I’m from Detroit. They’re from Detroit. That’s how I’m involved,” said Mathis, noting his ties to the flick. “These are Detroiters, man. We come from the same cloth. I just got out of the streets 10 years earlier than you. Respect you, man. And I respect your work. Now let us get some money, man.”

Mathis wrapped up the video with, “Good luck on all your endeavors. You’re doing a hell of a job. Now let us get some of the money with you, particularly Tonesa Welch, the First Lady of BMF.”

He added, “That’s why I’m doing it, because she’s a homegirl, and we from the same cloth. Stay strong, brother. Respect you, but stop it. Stop!”

Fans on social media were quite mum to the news, minus a few commentators who applauded Mathis’ respectful response.

“You know what he responded with respect not one time did he call 50 out his name Frfr.”

“Not the judge gettin’ spicy and quoting his gangster days’ truth ok Judge we feel u. U connected!!”

’50 gon flame unc too.”

50 has yet to response to Judge Mathis’ remarks. However, filming for “The First Lady of BMF: The Tonesa Welch Story” is slated to begin this month. The actress who will play Welch has yet to be announced.

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