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‘All That Eye Candy’: Fans Lust After Method Man and Larenz Tate After Jennifer Hudson Puts Their Shirtless Gym Photos on Display

“Power Book II: Ghost” co-stars Method Man and Larenz Tate stopped by Jennifer Hudson’s daytime show and had the ladies in the audience wrapped around their fingers. 

Method Man (left) and Larenz Tate (right) made fans go crazy over their shirtless gym photos (Photo: “Jennifer Hudson Show”/ YouTube Screenshot)

The two handsome icons talked to Hudson about their workout routines, and while both men are active participants in the gym, neither one came up with the idea to meet each other at the gym.

“We’ve never worked out together but maybe in the future,” the Wu-Tang Clan member said. 

Tate replied, “We should,” before adding that his type of workout doesn’t mirror Method Man’s. 

“He’s lifting buildings,” said the “Love Jones” actor while one of Method Man’s videos hit Hudson’s backdrop screen. 

“I wanna get in and just watch him, see what he does,” Tate continued. 

Though the 52-year-old’s video received a large amount of “oohs” and “ahhs” from the audience, it was his and Tate’s shirtless photos that really captured the crowd. 

Hudson put up a photo of Tate first, which features him in a sideways cap while his 8-pack made an obvious appearance. 

The crowd instantly let out cheers as Tate and Method Man broke out in laughter. However, the applause grew louder once the “How High” actor’s shirtless photo came onto the scene. 

“Ladies, calm down, families, oh my God,” Hudson said as she settled her audience. 

Tate seemed rather surprised to see himself on the screen, for he said, “I didn’t know you was going to put that up there, wow.”

“You said we have an audience full of ladies, they want to see,” Hudson responded. 

The majority of comments under @jenniferhudsonshow on Instagram were just as thirsty as the crowd’s reaction to the men’s shirtless photos.

“Good! GAWD All mighty.. Why in the world didn’t I submit for tickets for this show.”

“The fact that these black KINGS haven’t aged.”

“All that eye candy.”

The steamy segment soon shifted into a cooler conversation after Hudson brought up the two men’s home lives as fathers. During the conversation, the “Dreamgirls” actress asked the entertainers if they fit in the “cool” scale with their children.

“I guess my boys think that I’m cool,” said Tate. 

The “Menace II Society” actor has been in a committed relationship with his wife Tomasina Parrott since 2000, but they didn’t tie the knot until 2006. Together they have four sons; 16-year-old Miles Xavier, 14-year-old Zander, 9-year-old Zion, and a 4-year-old son whose name has not been disclosed. 

While talking to Hudson, Tate continued to note his belief that his children’s friends think he’s cooler than his actual kids. 

“They haven’t really gotten caught up in the whole Hollywood world of their dad being an actor,” he said.

As for Method Man, he claims his coolness is “off and on,” but his given respect has grown to a “different level” since becoming a grandfather.

“I only get called out when I do stuff corny, but I’ve transcended to grandpa, so it’s different,” he exclaimed. “Different levels of respect.” 

Method Man’s tribe includes a 27-year-old son, Sha, and 26-year-old twins, Cheyenne and Rae Smith. The father of three shares the young adults with his wife of nearly 22 years, Tamika Smith. 

Though both men are in committed relationships, that hasn’t stopped women from lusting over them.

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