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‘S—t Happens In the Rain’: Nia Long and Larenz Tate’s Reunion Has Fans Begging for a ‘Love Jones’ Sequel Following the Film’s 26th Anniversary

Nia Long and Larenz Tate gave fans all of the feels after they reunited in a recent video. 

The two acting veterans who prove that Black don’t crack shared similar recordings on their respective Instagram accounts. 

Nia Long and Larenz Tate’s reunion causes fans to want a ‘Love Jones’ sequel. (Photo: @iamnialong/Instagram)

In the clip, fans can see both Long and Tate walking in the rain next to each other. This act prompted the 52-year-old actress to reference their 1997 cult classic “Love Jones.”

“S–t happens in the rain,” Long said as Tate wrapped his arm around her seconds before placing a kiss on her cheek. 

“What! You better stop, s–t happens in the rain L.T.,” she reiterated. 

If viewers aren’t aware of what “happens in the rain,” the epic closing scene of “Love Jones” ends in the pouring rain as Tate’s character, Darius Lovehall, professes his love for Long’s character, Nina.

This romantic gesture also created the iconic phrase, “I love you, that’s urgent like a mother f—-r,” which was recited by Tate. 

“Look who I saw walking in the rain!!! LOVE YOU,” Long wrote over their adorable video. 

She then typed, “Money in the bank baby [red heart]” for her caption. 

The mother of two’s video received over one million plays with over 6,000 comments from fans who are holding onto hope that a “Love Jones” sequel will soon be in the works. 

“It’s giving love jones 2! I’m here for it.”

“This gives me ‘because love is urgent than a m$&f$&a’ vibes.”

“It doesn’t even have to be Love Jones. Y’all could do a straight comedy or something… the chemistry is undeniable.” 

For Tate’s post, he kept it short and sweet writing, “RAIN and the MOONLIGHT .. feels Alriiiight.. Ya dig! Love ya @iamnialong” as his caption on Instagram. 

The “Menace II Society” actor’s clip received over 230,000 plays with over 1,000 comments from individuals who couldn’t get enough of their reunion. 

“This makes me smile it’s a #lovejones thing.”

“That chemistry is real!!” 

“Love Jones” recently celebrated its 26th year anniversary since the film’s release on March 14, 1997. While the rom-com drama’s popularity has fans itching for a continuation, Tate believes this beloved film should be left untouched. 

In an exclusive interview with, the 47-year-old recognized the impact “Love Jones” had and continues to have on generations but also encourages creatives to make new classics instead of potentially messing up old ones. 

“If we mess up a classic, then we would never be able to live it down,” he confessed. “I think some things are meant to stay and remain as a classic.” 

Though a “Love Jones” sequel appears to be slim to none, fans can always re-fall in love with the film by watching it on Amazon Prime Video.

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