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‘It’s Really Not a Debate’: Damson Idris Hilariously Confronts Method Man About ‘Who’s Sexier,’ Fans Weigh In

To fans, Damson Idris and Method Man are both tall, individual packages of eye candy, but between the two, do many consider one to be more sexy than the other? 

The two men got to the bottom of this question while presenting the “Best Actress in a Drama Series” award at the 54th-Annual NAACP Image Awards on Saturday, Feb. 25. 

(left) Damson Idris (screenshot from Interview with GQ) (right) Method Man (screenshot from Interview on the “Sherri” show)

During their charming bit, Idris, 31, confidently suggested that the long-running debate about who’s sexier between him and Method Man, 51, had finally been settled. 

The “Snowfall” actor supported his claim by sharing what he says he’s uncovered to be his fans’ nickname for him. 

“You know, not that I’m reading anything, but I read somewhere that, umm, they calling me a snack,” Idris said. 

Method Man, who said he was unaware there was even a debate to begin with, comically fired back with a flirtatious nickname he says he’s previously been called.

“A snack,” said Method Man. “That’s cool; umm I’ve been hearing zaddy a lot,” added the rapper/actor. 

After boisterous laughs from the crowd settled down, Idris responded with “whatever” before he quickly redirected the focus to the nominees in the category. 

While their interaction on stage only lasted for a minute, the debate trickled onto social media, where fans began to pick sides. The Neighborhood Talk uploaded the clip to its Instagram page, where many categorized themselves as being on either team “snack” or team “zaddy.” 

 “Come here snow fall [heart eyes].”

“No question. METHOD MAN hands down he is zaddy like he said.”

“I literally will take either one.” 

“It’s really not a debate.”

Idris has slowly made a name for himself as a respected actor in the industry, largely due to his hard-hitting portrayal of Franklin Saint on FX’s hit series “Snowfall.” His work ethic and ability to make fans fall in love with his problematic character has earned him “it” boy status in Hollywood.

Though the British native has been making women swoon for the past few years, he has recently been dating socialite and entrepreneur Lori Harvey. Meanwhile, fans have been gushing over Method Man for decades, despite his being married to Tamika Scott for over 20 years.

After the 65th-Annual Grammy Awards, which took place on Feb. 5, the “How High” actor, whose real name is Clifford Smith, explained how it feels to still be considered a sex symbol after being in the industry for quite some time. 

“I love the fact that people are giving me my flowers now. I honestly really worked on the craft, too,” he told 

Method Man became famous in the early ‘90s with the iconic Wu-Tang Clan. After the release of the group’s first album, “Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)” in 1993, the sound of hip-hop changed forever. 

The group’s raw, gritty tone has been described as sounding “like the past, present, and future of hip-hop all wrapped up at once,” according to 

Idris and Method Man are both handsome men that catch the attention of many women by breaking barriers in the industry in different ways.

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