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‘Please Dont Do Ms. Anita’: Fans Crack Up at Apryl Jones and Taye Diggs Singing Their Own Version of Anita Baker’s ‘Sweet Love’

Apryl Jones and Taye Diggs feel no shame about their love — or their singing skills, evidently.

The cute couple uploaded a video on their personal Instagram accounts of them singing Anita Baker’s 1986 hit “Sweet Love.”

Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones. (Photo: @aprylsjones/Instagram)

Jones counted off at the beginning of the video, saying “OK. 1, 2, 3” before they began singing the first verse.

She started off singing, “With all my heart I love you, baby,” in a calm and pleasant tone, but is quickly thrown off when Diggs joins in.

With his eyes closed, the “Brown Sugar” actor gives it his all while seemingly struggling to find the right pitch.

He encourages Jones to “keep going” as they both apparently forget some of the lyrics and are instead singing the melody. When they finally reach the chorus, Diggs once again tells Jones to “keep going” and even said, “they used to call me Mr. Harmonizer in high school.”

Since Diggs never seems to find the right key, Jones urges him to “find another song.” Hilariously, Diggs blamed his tuneless voice on his ears, claiming that they were “weird,” and asked Jones, “are your ears popping?”

The mother of two denied there being anything wrong with her ears and continued to rush Diggs into finding another song.

He jokingly started singing “We represent the lollipop guild” from the 1939 musical “The Wizard of Oz” followed by “Holly Jolly Christmas.” Jones appeared to be over Diggs as she began singing Brian McKnight’s “Do You Ever Think About Me.”

Diggs first started by just creating a background beat for his lady with his mouth. But once again, he tried to sing along with her, and he still could not find the right pitch. Stuck on the word “say,” he attempted to get on the same pitch with Jones, and when he thought he found it, he tried to continue.

Unfortunately, the couple found a new struggle with starting on the same verse. Diggs told her to go from “Miss you so much,” which Apryl did, but he kept starting on the wrong part. They tried three times before giving up and cracking up laughing.

Fans commented saying, “Please dont do Ms. Anita. I be singing it the same way,” and “Apryl! stop him .. he’s out of control.”

But Diggs, who has also been in musicals like “Rent” and “Chicago,” couldn’t pull a fast one on all of the fans. Some of them knew he was faking and were aware of Diggs’ true singing abilities.

Two of them said, “Stop it taye. We saw you in rent so we know you can sing a little bit,” and “Taye need 2 stop playin…He sung his heart out in RENT.”

Jones and Diggs have been together for roughly two years and have since been spotted all on each other’s social media pages making some of the most hilarious singing, dancing, and acting videos.

Jones was previously in a long-term relationship with singer Omarion and the pair have two children together. After their split — which Jones seemed blindsided by — she began to date his former group member Lil Fizz.

In 2020, that controversial relationship ended and by the end of 2021, she was spotted with Diggs.

Like the “Love and Hip Hop” star, the NAACP Image Award winner was also previously in a high-profile long-term relationship. He married to “Frozen” star Idina Menzel in 2003, and the couple was divorced 11 years later. They share one son together.

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