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‘Mama Stay on Point’: Savannah James Steals the Show In A Family Photo After Doing A Hair Flip

Savannah James likes to make sure she is always camera ready.

The mother of three attended her eldest son, Bronny’s, basketball game with the rest of the family on Tuesday night.

At the end of the McDonald’s All-American Game in Houston, a James family photo was taken where the matriarch stood front and center next to her daughter Zhuri.

The James family — (back) Bronny, Bryce, LeBron, .(front) Savannah and Zhuri — at the McDonald’s All-American Game in Houston. (Photo: @bronupdates/Twitter)

As Savannah, her husband LeBron, and their children, Zhuri, Bronny, Bryce got in position to take the photo, a bystander obtained a quick video where Savannah is shown quickly flipping her hair from side to side into place.

The hair-flipping move has been used historically in media to convey fierceness or even flirtation. And while many would agree that Savannah does look amazing, it doesn’t seem that she was trying to do either. It appears she preferred for her blond highlighted inches to sit behind her shoulders rather than in front.

Still, that was just enough to make her the focus of the fans’ comments.

One person said, “It’s Queen Savanah hair swing for me,” and another added, “Savannahhh mama stay on point you hear me.”

A third fan went all in writing, “Baby! Fresh and laid to the gawds!! She said y’all will not snap me until all of my hairs are placed immaculately.”

Savannah has lately been grabbing a lot of folks’ attention by simply looking good. There’s been a notable change in the 36-year-old’s wardrobe as well as her hair.

In many of her more recent looks, on social media, she has credited Ricky Wing or King Carter for her hairstyles and Billingsley for her outfits.

She stunned the world after popping out in a beautiful all-white gown at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party earlier this month, where she also did an interview with the outlet. In it, she talks about what it took for her to be comfortable with trying out blond tresses two years ago.

“I always wanted to try blond, but I was afraid to dye my hair because of the upkeep,” she said.

Once she realized that she didn’t have to dye her own hair but could instead wear wigs, Savannah was all in. “‘I’m going to see what the blond is giving,” she said.

After two years of wearing blond hair, it may be safe to say that she’s enjoying it.

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