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‘Be Careful Who You Share Your Blessing with’: Omarion Calls Out Fellow B2k Member Lil Fizz After Giving Him an ‘Opportunity on ‘LHHH’ Before Dating Apyrl Jones

Omarion recently revealed how he assisted his former boy-band member Lil Fizz into the “Love and Hip Hop” franchise. 

Omarion says he put Lil Fizz on ‘LHH’ franchise (Left) Omarion (@omarion/Instagram) (Right) Lil Fizz (@airfizzo/Instagram)

In a recent snippet of the 38-year-old’s five-part docuseries, “Omega: The Gift and The Curse,” he shared his recollection as to how Fizz landed a spot on “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.” 

“Mona and her team, they asked they said you know, ‘Do you have any other friends or people that we can interview and see.’ ’Cause they’re all about connections, you know, and interweaving people into storylines,” Omarion said. 

Mona Scott is a TV producer who is best known for producing the popular VH1 reality series. 

As the TikTok clip continued, Omarion confessed that he relayed Scott’s message to Fizz, who was still staying in his mother’s house, but never imagined that his assistance would lead to a now-broken brotherhood. 

“I offered up Fizz. He was living with his mom at the time and I think he was in between places. It was an opportunity,” he said, “I’m not one to hold an opportunity from people. But I never thought that it would turn into what it’s turned into.” 

The 35-second clip was uploaded on The Jasmine Brand’s Instagram page, where fans expressed the importance of keeping certain opportunities private. 

“Be careful who you share your blessing with”

“So Omarion helped him get a bag and Fizz turned around and slept with his bm? This is why many people have walls up”

“Lmfaooo honestly he’s been pretty silent about fizz’s egregious behavior so if this claim is true he deserves to tell it”

In 2019, Lil Fizz faced massive backlash for forming an intimate relationship with Omarion’s ex-girlfriend Apryl Jones. 

Jones and Omarion were together from 2011 until 2016 and share two kids with each other; a 9-year-old son, Mega Omari, and a 7-year-old daughter, A’mei Kazuko Grandberry. 

Reports about Jones and Fizz turning their friendship romantic started to come on the scene in 2018, however, they never confirmed their relationship until a year later. 

Their romance ended sometime in 2020 and Jones has since been linked to Dr. Dre and is currently dating the “All American” actor Taye Diggs. 

As for Fizz, he hasn’t publicly dated anyone since his breakup with Jones. But the 37-year-old was tied to a few of his “LHHH” cast mates such as Amanda Secor, Nikki Mudarris — aka Ms. Nikki Baby — and Kamiah Adams.

He was also on “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition” with his now-former girlfriend Tiffany Campbell. 

Though Fizz has publicly apologized for dating his friend’s ex on stage at “The Millennium Tour” back in 2021, the two men can’t seem to find a common ground and mend their relationship.

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