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‘That Should Have Been LOUIE’: Fans In Uproar About Plot Twist In ‘Snowfall’

The “Snowfall” era is coming to an end. “R.I.P.” and “Damn Unc” were trending on Twitter Thursday, March 23, after the second Saint family member was killed on the hit television series. 

Over the past six seasons, the crime drama has captivated viewers at home with a tale that follows Franklin Saint (Damson Idris), who forms a drug organization during the 1980s crack epidemic in Los Angeles. 

Franklin’s decisions led him to build an empire and an army of people who would go to war with him. Those include his estranged father, Alton Saint, who was presumably killed at the end of season 4. And now Franklin’s uncle, Jerome Saint. 

Actors Amin Joseph and Angela Lewis as Uncle Jerome Saint and Aunt Louanne ‘Louie’ Jones-Saint in “Snowfall.” (Photo: @aminjoseph/Instagram.)

In the sixth episode, titled “Concrete Jungle,” Jerome begins spiraling and drinking heavily as he comes to terms with his choice to leave the drug game. To paint the scene, he stayed out all night and came home in a drunken state to his worried wife, Louie (Angela Lewis). Realizing the clock was ticking for a drug dealer’s career, he shared with her his plans to flee to Jamaica. 

Louie argued she wasn’t ready to give up the good life and the millions they had made off supplying their community. She told him she needed time to move their money to Panama with help from their supplier, Teddy (Carter Hudson), who is also an undercover CIA agent. 

Teddy also happens to be Franklin’s former supplier and current enemy after he stole millions of his illegally earned money. The closing scene finds Franklin and Jerome teaming up to rescue Aunt Louie, who was kidnapped and held in a warehouse. Feeling a sense of loyalty to his family, Franklin informs his uncle of where Louie is being held. 

A planned shootout orchestrated by Jerome with assistance from Franklin, Leon (Isaiah John), and Skully (De’aundre Bonds) ended with two casualties: Jerome and friend or foe Kane (DeVaughn Nixon). 

Kane is responsible for kidnapping Louie after she had him shot in season 5. Jerome found Kane holding his wife at gunpoint, which causes the two to shoot at and kill each other. Both men fell to the ground in agony, but Kane’s fate is unclear at the moment.

Jerome’s death is shown onscreen, including Louie crying over his body, screaming, “Baby, baby, wake up. … Don’t leave me.”

Leon crouches down to his knees while Franklin manically calls out, “Unc?” before taking a seat and shedding a few tears.

Fans are just as hurt to see one of their fan-favorite characters being killed in the show’s last season. Many wanted to see if he could change his ways, and others felt it should have been Louie for not wanting to leave the drug business.

“It should have been LOUIE! IDGAF! It should have been HER and not Unc!”

“I knew Jerome was gonna die..he was trying too hard to change ..that’s always when a character die…..and and and !!!! It’s Louie fault !!”

In a preview for episode 7, the Saints and others attend a funeral to bury Jerome while Louie blames Franklin for the family’s demise. 

“Snowfall” is available on Hulu.

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