‘Terrible Two Stage’: Summer Walker Claps Back at Fans Over a Viral Video of Her Daughter Hitting Her at a Birthday Party

Summer Walker has seemingly had it with folks bashing her 2-year-old daughter’s behavior at her recent birthday party. 

In an Instagram video obtained by The Shade Room, fans could see the mother of three holding her oldest, Bubbles, in her arms as guests gathered around to sing “Happy Birthday” to the toddler. 

Summer Walker calls out critics who believe she’s not effectively disciplining her 2-year-old daughter (@summerwalker/Instagram)

During the clip, Bubbles was seen hitting Walker’s head and pulling her hair throughout the song. The video received a lot of backlash from commenters who suggested that the “Girls Need Love” singer is not effectively disciplining her child. 

“The hair grab lean back combo was vicious.”

“Yeah, that hitting ain’t ok. Kids need discipline. It’s gonna teach her she can do that with all adults.”

After seeing the amount of backlash she was facing, the Atlanta native penned a lengthy message underneath “TSR” Instagram post that explained why her daughter reacted that way. 

“SHE DONT LIKE LOUD NOISES, she ain’t hit me till 50 people started singing happy birthday, & the last video she hit me we was singing loud af as well lol y’all can stfu on my baby birthday,” she wrote.

After reading Walker’s response a few critics shared their mixed opinions about her clarification. 

“summer walker daughter was beating her head in and she talking about the baby don’t like loud stuff and they were singing happy birthday.” 

One fan even suggested that Bubbles could have sensory issues and inferred that her physical response to loud noises is a common symptom for children who are on the spectrum. 

“Loud noises & aggressive behavior in babies (toddlers) can be an early sign of autism,” they wrote. 

The user continued, “I’m in no way a doctor or trying to speak this over her child’s life, but before we judge or give our meaningless opinions of what we shoulda, coulda, would’ve done to a baby – let’s give this mother some grace and she is doing HER job at being their mother.”

Walker previously shared a video of Bubbles hitting her as she sang, “Wade In The Water” with an unknown male voice in the background. 

“This child stay beating my a– she wrong af,” the 26-year-old wrote over her video. 

The Grammy award-winning vocalist shares her 2-year-old daughter with ex-boyfriend and record producer London on da Track. She was born in March 2021. 

In addition to Bubbles, Walker recently welcomed a set of newborn twins, whose names are currently unknown, with her ex-boyfriend and up-and-coming rapper Larry.

All three of her children were home births and were aided by neo-soul singer and professional doula Erykah Badu.

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