‘Why’s He Holding That Man’s Wife Like This??’: Shannon Sharpe’s Hand Placement on Kandi Burruss Has Fans Bringing Up Her Husband Todd Tucker

Fans are not here for former NFL player Shannon Sharpe and his hand placement on Kandi Burruss’ assets in a new video. 

 “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star was a recent guest on Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast and the two were captured posing for a photographer. 

Shannon Sharpe and Kandi Burruss. (Photo: @fashionbombdaily/Instagram)

@Fashionbombdaily on Instagram uploaded a behind-the-scenes clip of Sharpe walking into the room to hug Burruss. They then posed for a photo but his hand placement was brought into question by fans who believed that his palm was too low on her buttocks. 

A few suggested that Burruss was uncomfortable herself due to her placing her hand slightly under her hand before tugging on her extended ponytail. Some even brought up her Burruss’ husband Todd Tucker.

“Why’s he holding a man’s wife like this?”

“Every woman has endured this before.. You can tell by her hand placement that she was trying to be nice about the situation”

“She looked like she was uncomfortable and wanted to move his hand”

While fans on Instagram were not feeling Sharpe’s hand placement, several Twitter users came to his defense. 

“Kandi is small, & thick asf and Shannon Sharpe is a giant with huge hands… he couldn’t help but to accidentally palm that thigh meat”

Sharpe revealed that the Grammy award-winning songwriter was the first woman to sit in a session at the “Club Shay Shay” podcast set.

During the one-hour and 23-minute special, Burruss discussed her past relationship with Jermaine Dupri

When the 46-year-old was asked about her relationship with the record executive, she clarified that their partnership turned romantic after Xscape released their first two albums. 

“I know it’s like been put out there so many different rumors. Then it wasn’t like it was something that happened in the beginning,” she said. “I never want people to feel like, oh, that’s how I got on. No. I got on and then it just happened.” 

Burruss admitted that the only people she made aware of her and Dupri’s relationship were her Xscape members Tiny Harris and Tamika Scott.

“The three of us were like, you know the three musketeers. We would, you know share secrets with each other,” she said.

Elsewhere during the interview, the mother of three also addressed rumors that suggested she had an intimate relationship with Dupri’s father, Michael Mauldin. 

“That rumor lingered for years,” Burrus said. “Like, dang, I gotta, you gotta make it seem like I’m just like going through the family?” 

The hearsay was brought onto the scene in 2007 by Tamika Scott, who aired her frustrations with Burruss in a radio interview. This long-running rumor caused the women to cut ties with one another for a decade before they finally came together again in 2017 for their mini-series, “Xscape: Still Kickin’ It.”

While their first reality show did not make it past the first season, the ladies are currently making headlines for their recent series, “SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B,” which runs every Sunday on Bravo.

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