‘Just Ate Her Up’: Jermaine Dupri Checks Heckler for Attempting to Disrupt His ‘Just Kickin’ It’ Dance Break By Bringing Up His Past with Kandi Burruss 

Jermaine Dupri isn’t letting a meddling social media user disrupt his groove. 

The Hall of Fame songwriter is seldom interested in setting records straight that have nothing to do with music, but on May 28 he made an exception when sharing a video of himself dancing. In the short clip, Dupri is seen dancing to his hit 1993 Xscape record “Just Kickin’ It” without an ounce of concern.

?Just Ate Her Up?: Jermaine Dupri Checks Heckler for Attempting to Disrupt His ?Just Kickin? It? Dance Break By Bringing Up His Past with Kandi Burruss?
Jermaine Dupri. (Photo: @jermainedupri/Instagram)

But for one social media user, the moment was not complete without an attempt at derailment. “Guess he thinking about Kandi Burress she with Todd now,” wrote the person in an attempt to instigate mess. The super producer and singer-entrepreneur both confirmed that they had a short-lived fling several years ago after being outed by Xscape group member Tamika Scott. 

While Scott insinuated that the fling was one of the reasons Xscape broke up, Burruss said that couldn’t be further from the truth. Dupri, however, has agreed in the past that he played a role in the group’s years-long tension, but not in the way most fans imagined.

“I feel like my songs actually broke Xscape up,” he explained during his episode of TV One’s ”Uncensored.” “Because Xscape was Tocha’s group. Whoever’s group it is, that means they think they’re the lead singer. They meet Jermaine Dupri and Jermaine Dupri writes a song and he gives the song to Kandi, because Kandi’s voice sounds like mines … That created friction from jump without me even knowing.”

Still, taking notice of the ill-intended comment, Dupri opted to respond by writing, “No I’m actually thinking about how I wrote this song 29 years ago and it’s still poppin.” The clapback was met with the resounding thrill of social media users who felt the person’s comment crossed a line.

“Shut her right down cuz that comment was def not even necessary.”

“Jermaine a LEGEND. Put some respect on his Name!”

“Just ate her up y’all gone learn to stop coming for ppl,” commented another person.

“He’s thinking about that royalty check,” suggest one person. And another bringing up yet another woman from Durpi’s past wrote, “Baby he’ll think about Janet before anything.”

The ”Confessions” producer dated Janet Jackson for just under a decade in the early 2000s. Since the couple parted ways in 2009, fans have found it nearly impossible to not speculate that Dupri is waiting for the perfect moment to try to rekindle their romance.

After being spotted celebrating the singer’s 56th birthday fans are even more hopeful that their theories are correct.

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