‘You Let Them All Go Tf’: Fans Suggest Erykah Badu Spin the Block After She Admits She’s Looking for Her ’King’

Erykah Badu has been searching for Mr. Right, but some fans have suggested that her Prince Charming has already passed her by. 

Erykah Badu (Photo: @erykahbadu/Instagram.)

The 52-year-old songstress wrote a cryptic message on her Twitter account on Sunday, March 19, where she asked about the whereabouts of her “king.”

“I will not settle for anything less but my KING. Where are you ?” Badu wrote. 

Badu’s tweet was re-posted on The Shade Room’s Instagram page. While many fans in the comments section volunteered to be Badu’s new suitor, a few reminded her of the men she has let go of in the past. 

“Now sis u done had a couple kings already let’s be real here.”

“She had more kings than a hand of spades.”

“Girl you had a couple of em you let them all go tf.”

The Queen of neo-soul has been in a few high-profile relationships over the years with well-known male artists in the music industry. Her list includes rapper Common, The D.O.C. and “Outkast” member Andre 3000.

However, her unsuccessful connections have made fans vocalize their beliefs on why a smooth talker such as Badu can’t seem to keep a man. 

“So all them successful men she was with weren’t kings or maybe she’s not a … nvm I’m not in the mood to be attacked”

The last time fans saw Badu in a public relationship was with upcoming artist JaRon The Secret. 

They maintained a low-profile relationship, seemingly to some because of their 23-year age gap. However, there was speculation about a possible engagement in 2021, after the four-time Grammy winner penned a lengthy Instagram message to her “guy” during the solar eclipse. 

While Badu never confirmed an engagement, she did state her excitement to make “many, many, many more memories” with the then 27-year-old. 

It seemed as if their “many memories” were cut short because the pair decided to part ways last month.

According to Media Take Out, their “split” was confirmed by an alleged source close to Badu.

The outlet also reported that Badu plans to pay JaRon The Secret’s bills “for the next few months” until her former boo is able to do for himself. 

In addition to the singer taking care of JaRon, Badu has three biological children; a 25-year-old son, Seven, with Andre 3000, an 18-year-old daughter Puma Curry with rapper The D.O.C. and a 14-year-old daughter, Mars Merkaba Thedford, with rapper Jay Electronica.

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