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‘This Must be Like the Wayans Men Badge of Honor’: Marlon Wayans Debuts New Look and Fans Say He Looks Like His Older Brothers Keenan Ivory and Damon Wayans 

Marlon Wayans is ushering in spring with a new look. In a recent Instagram post, he debuted that he is now bald and has ditched his beard.

“Hi face. [waving hand emoji] beard. Owning renewal. Level up,” he wrote in the caption of a photo that showed him with a goatee and a black Essentials ball cap. In a follow-up post, he wrote, “Hi head. [waving hand emoji] hair. Reinvention,” as she revealed that he no longer had a short mane on top of his head. 

At this rate, it would almost seem as though he gets the itch for change almost every two years. He previously shaved his head in 2020, writing, “Just cut my hair…time for change and transition,” in a Facebook post of him rocking a black beanie. He also rocked the bald look in 2018.

Marlon Wayans before and after his recent hair transformation Photo: Marlonwayans/Instagram

Fans had plenty to say about Marlon’s new look. In the comments, more than a few gave him a “welcome to the bald side.” Others obviously made wisecracks, and then there were those who remarked that he was finally joining the ranks of his older brothers, Damon and Keenan Ivory Wayans.

“You already looked like Damon before, now it’s a wrap lol.”

“Bring that head forward boy! Let us see it in all its glory lol.”

“They’ve passed him the torch we love to see it.”

“This must be like the Wayans men badge of honor, once you get the baldy thats when you know you really made it.”

Last summer, “The Curse of Bridge Hallow” star joked that none of his siblings like him because he is the baby of the family and was shown the most affection by their late mother, Elvira Alethia. In particular, he said Damon came down hard on him.

“Damon was a joke; abusive to me, him, and Shawn, and Keenan,” Marlon told Majic 102.1 FM disc jockey Larry “Uncle Funky” Jones. “They had me on the Oscars with a little suit, and they all looked fly — they like to abuse the baby brother.”

Though he has bared the brunt of punchlines, the multi hyphenate Hollywood talent recently received high praise for his new comedy special, “God Loves Me,” from the “My Wife and Kids” creator and Keenan. Both of the older Wayans brothers have been known to rock a comedy set, though Keenan ultimately chose to hone his talent to produce and direct for television and film.

“My hardest critics are always going to be my family,” Marlon told The Hollywood Reporter. “I showed this to my brother Damon before I filmed it, and Damon hates everything I do. Literally. And I’m saying that to be funny, but they are just really hard on me. But Damon saw me — I forgot where I was — and he said it’s a brilliant performance.”

The “Air” actor continued, “He said it was brilliant because it’s like you broke a mold in your structure, your physicality. You were like a one-man show…for him, he’s done stand-up for so long, he’s become jaded, and he’s seen it all. He said what he loved about this one is he’s never seen that.”

Keenan told his baby brother that the special was a “game-changer.”

“That makes me so happy because it took me to get to 50 to make these dudes proud. That’s the journey. That’s the maturity of an artist,” added Marlon. The one-hour special, which tackles the infamous Oscar slap between Will Smith and Chris Rock, is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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