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‘I Don’t Think Any of Them Like Me’: Marlon Wayans Jokes About Being the Baby of the Family and Baring the Brunt of ‘Abusive Jokes’ from His Brothers 

Marlon Wayans has been in the business of making audiences laugh for 30 years, but when it comes to his family he is still the butt of countless jokes.

In Hollywood, the Wayans family is undeniable comedic royalty. With careers dating back to the early ’80s, there is nearly no facet of comedy that the family has not impacted. Marlon, 49, long has credited his older brothers Keenan and Damon Wayans with blazing a trail for the family in the entertainment industry, whether it be stand-up comedy or work in film and television. 

?I Don?t Think Any of Them Like Me?: Marlon Wayans Jokes About Being the Baby of the Family and Baring the Brunt of ?Abusive Jokes? from His Brothers?
Damon Wayans and Marlon Wayans during The 55th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards – Portraits at The Shrine Theater in Los Angeles, California, United States. (Photo by Cesare Bonazza/WireImage)

But while the youngest of the brood of 10 children has made a name for himself outside of his famous siblings, he has yet to outgrow being the kid brother whose big brothers love to pummel him with satire.

While promoting his June 25 comedy show in Houston, the “Senseless” star shared that coincidentally he and Damon would both be in town for gigs. To his surprise, or maybe not, Wayans said his older brother did not have an enthusiastic reaction to them both headlining sets. 

“He goes, ‘Why you trying to take my ticket sales?’ ” said Wayans to 97.9 radio personality G-Man. The “Sextuplets” actor went on to say he even offered to open for his big brother but was shut down.

“No ugly. I don’t want you uglying up the stage. You stay exactly where you’re at and let those people come see your ugly ass at your show at the Bayou Music Center,” he said in his best impersonation of the “My Wife and Kids” creator and star. “He’s just evil like that,” he further joked about Damon.

Again speaking about baring the brunt of his brothers’ comedic beatdowns, Marlon said, “He love me but I don’t think Damon like me too much because I was my mom’s baby. I don’t think any of them like me because I was my mom’s baby and I got all of the hugs,” Marlon told Majic 102.1 FM disc jockey Larry “Uncle Funky” Jones.

“Damon was a joke abusive to me, him, and Shawn, and Keenan,” he continued. “They had me on the Oscars with a little suit and they all looked fly — they like to abuse the baby brother.” Marlon previously spoke of the public blunder saying that the televised moment, that actually took place at the Emmys, still pains him to this day. 

Though he has taken the jokes, snide remarks and more from his brothers in stride, it is not lost on Marlon that his day of comedic redemption is on the horizon. “I’m saving that for when they too old to retaliate.”

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