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‘The Struggle is Real’: Marlon Wayans Misses His ‘Drank’ After Cutting Out Alcohol to Transform His Health

Marlon Wayans is discussing his New Year’s resolution on Instagram, and his new regimen does not include alcohol. Wayans also noted that he is staying away from dairy, wheat, gluten, red meat, and sugar in the new year. The comedian and actor shared the post on Sunday, Jan. 15.

He explained on the platform that he was no longer indulging in alcohol, adding that he does seem to miss it. The “Fifty Shades of Black” actor posed in front of a glass liquor cabinet in the post, looking a little thirsty.

“Haven’t had a drink since new years. No dairy, no wheat, no gluten, no red meat, no sugar,” Wayans wrote. “Just a personal life switch. Detoxing and purging. Aging back to innocence… but damn i miss my drank.”

Marlon Wayans on Instagram on Jan. 15. (Photo: @marlonayans / Instagram)

Fans in the comment section encouraged the actor to keep going with his new lifestyle and noted the difficulties of giving up alcohol and sugar.

“Some things are difficult but necessary for a positive change in us.”

“Little by little you will achieve it and you will reach the personal goal that you have set for yourself. You can make it!”

“Props! I think sugar is the hardest to quit.”

“The struggle is real. I haven’t even started yet. I plan to cut back soon. keep up the good work bro.”

“Do what you need to do to make the necessary changes to your life. Focus on what you’re responsible for and what you’re accountable for, much love and support.”

Another fan joked, “Damn what u eating then? air?”

The “White Chicks” star talked about working on his health in an Instagram post earlier this year, noting he was getting back into shape and hitting the gym. He captioned the post, “Dear 2023, i ain’t f— around. Love, Me.”

In another post, he said, “I’m bout to look 28 this year… I’m focused. Me and God been talking. Wait until you see what he doing with me. #GODLOVESME on http://MOMENT.CO This MARCH. This special is special.”

Wayans was tapped to guest host “The Daily Show” following the departure of host Trevor Noah. Noah left the show on Dec. 8 of last year. Wayans’ guest hosting dates have not yet been revealed, but the show will return on Jan. 17 with “Saturday Night Live” alum Leslie Jones hosting for a week.

Other hosts include Wanda Sykes, D. L. Hughley, Chelsea Handler, Al FrankenJohn Leguizamo, Hasan Minhaj, and Kal Penn. “The Daily Show” airs on Comedy Central at 11 p.m. EST.

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