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‘She Hurried Up and Got In the Car’: TLC Member T-Boz Urges Fans to Stay On Alert After Her Daughter’s Scary Experience with Possible Sex Traffickers

Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins has urged everyone to “watch their surroundings” after she claims her 22-year-daughter, Chase Anela Rolison, was possibly sought out by sex traffickers. 

The TLC singer shared the message on her Instagram Story with “watch your surroundings” typed out in all caps overtop of the video.

T-Boz (left) urges folks to stay alert for sex traffickers after her daughter Chase Roslin (right) supposedly was targeted. (Photo: @therealtboz/Instagram, @chaseroslin/Instagram)

“Y’all always hear about sex trafficking and stuff like that,” the 52-year-old said. “So, my daughter was just leaving the doctor’s office and when she came to the car she had a weird thing on her windshield wiper.” 

The Grammy Award-winning artist claimed that this act was a tactic sex traffickers often use to catch their victims. 

“Instead of touching, because when you do they’ll have some kind of drug substance on there that will knock you out,” she said. 

Luckily for T-Boz, her daughter was also suspicious about the act and did not remove the tissue but, “looked at her surroundings, she hurried up, got in the car, drove off, went to a safe, crowded location and took some object to knock it off.” 

While her daughter left the scene without harm, T-Boz expressed more concerns due to the new ways sex traffickers are supposedly seizing people.

“Now, I hear they put trackers on your car. So, if you have a father, brother, male around, police station, wherever make sure y’all check for trackers so they won’t track you guys home or to the next location and try to do the same thing,” T-Boz said. 

The mother of one shares her daughter with ex-husband and rapper, Mack 10. The former couple met in 1994 while on set filming the music video for TLC’s hit single “Unpretty.” 

The two tied the knot in 2000, and three months later, Chase was born. However, their marriage became messy after T-Boz accused Mack 100 of infidelity and abuse. Their divorce was finalized in 2004. 

In an interview with Vlad TV, the “Foe Life” rapper said the accusations against him were untrue and created by T-Boz’s lawyer.

“The only thing we ever had is an argument, we ain’t never had no none of that kind of s–t,” he asserted. 

“But the lawyer she had at the time thought that probably it’ll make the case better or something, or maybe he was chasing some attention or something you know what I’m saying but that was a bunch of bulls–t.” 

During the interview, Mack 10 also explained that he and T-Boz have no bad blood.

“We think about that stuff now, and we just start laughing,” he confessed. 

Neither T-Boz nor Mack 10 has remarried since their separation.

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