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‘Mmm…’: T-Boz Claims She was Hacked After Receiving Backlash Over a Comment About Nicki Minaj on a Cardi B Video, Fans Call ‘Cap’

Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, from the successful girl group TLC, claimed her Instagram account was hacked after finding herself on the receiving end of massive backlash on Dec. 5.

This event occurred when her official account made a comment about Nicki Minaj underneath a viral Cardi B video.

Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins claimed she was hacked after her official Instagram account dissed Nicki Minaj under a Cardi B video shared on a blog site. Photo:@therealtboz/Instagram

In the clip that the blog site “The Jasmine Brand’s” Instagram shared, Cardi is seen arriving at Club E11EVEN in Miami as she celebrated the launch of her new line of vodka-infused whipped cream. Upon entering the event, fans stopped the rapper to inform her that the club bouncers weren’t letting in any Black women. The video ended with Cardi shouting, “Let the Black women in.”

As people flooded the site’s comments section, T-Boz’s Instagram account appeared. The now-deleted comment read, “Poor Nicki,” along with four laughing emojis. This comment was in reference to Minaj and Cardi’s public feud over the years. A short time later, the “Creep” singer claimed that her account was hacked, and she didn’t make the post because she was in a Zoom meeting.

The 51-year-old wrote, “My account was hacked. I’m on a Zoom call/meeting, so I don’t know what was said or what’s happening yet. But I said nothing about @nickiminaj at all.” T-Boz reiterated the similar story on an Instagram post she shared on her page. 

The post said, “Hey guys my account has been hacked and I never made that comment about Nicki Minaj. I have no problem and never had a problem with her at all. That’s not like me to even comment on a blog and be messy. So all the blogs and unnecessary comments can stop, Thank you.”

Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins Photo:@therealtboz/Instagram

As T-Boz’s statement circulated on social media, fans called out the singer for allegedly lying to avoid repercussions. One person even pointed out how quickly T-Boz could get access to her page after supposedly being “hacked.”

“Ladies and gentlemen this what we call CAP.”

“That’s what they all say when they get caught.”

“Girl bye, this they favorite go to lie.”

“Account was hacked but she still has access to it How do these folks be getting hacked and getting they pages right back?? Mmmmmmmmmm ion know Tionne.”

In addition to the negative reactions, other people claimed that T-Boz did intend to write that comment but from an alleged unofficial profile and not her main account. One wrote, “It wasn’t hacked. Sis just forgot she was on her real page. That’s all.” Another stated, “Sis thought she was on her fake page.”

A third individual stated, “So they hacked your account to post a single comment about Nicki? It’s giving I forgot I wasn’t on my finsta.”

This isn’t the first time T-Boz has faced backlash on social media. Last year, she opened up about how she was cyberbullied regarding a comment she allegedly made about Rihanna when slamming artists “who use sex to sell music” during an episode of Tai Savetsila’s “All Tai’d Up” podcast. She later denied ever mentioning her name.

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