‘It’s Too Much Boob’: Sherri Shepherd Laughs Off Wardrobe Malfunction During Live Show

Sherri Shepherd proved how much of a professional she is after keeping her cool despite going through a wardrobe malfunction on her daytime talk show “Sherri.” 

The actress-turned-host was saved by her personal stylist, Willie Sinclair III, on Thursday, March 9, after her gorgeous buttoned-up teal dress revealed a little bit more breasts than producers allowed. 

Sherri Shepherd laughs off wardrobe malfunction. (Photo: “Sherri”/ YouTube)

While addressing her initial “wardrobe snafu” that happened before the show, Sinclair took the stage in an attempt to fix Shepherd’s dress once again. 

Shepherd introduced him to her audience and continued to explain the rules about clothing as her stylist tried to fix her dress. 

“Coming out, you know on daytime sometimes it’s too much, and, uhh, so before the doors open Willie said, ‘It’s too much boob,’” she explained. 

The 55-year-old continued to explain that Sinclair originally pinned her dress up so her chest was not too revealing, but her large bosom popped the pin. 

The talk show host hilariously detailed that scene — “It popped, so I just pulled it and threw it out. So as I walked out I could hear Willie go [loud gasp sound from Shepherd]” — which followed by laughter from the audience. 

She also noted that she believed the reason her dress felt like it was falling forward was because her stylist kept pulling her dress back while her breasts continued to fall forward. 

“I keep telling him, ‘It’s heavy, they’re going to pull it forward,” she said before Sinclair exited the stage. 

Several fans applauded the way Shepherd remained unbothered despite the mishap.

“Just a light and airy atmosphere full of laughs!”

“Awe Love it! Great job Willie”

One fan suggested Shepherd invest in a camisole, stating that the spaghetti-strapped tank “would’ve taken care of that.” 

It is obvious that Shepherd’s self-confidence doesn’t dwindle easily. While some may speculate that her self-assurance was an effect of losing weight, the stand-up comedian revealed in 2021 that she’s always loved herself no matter what size she was. 

“I always like my body. I like my body when it had rolls on it. I like my body when my stomach is tight,” she explained on Yahoo Life’s series “Unapologetically.” 

Throughout her time in the industry, fans were able to see Shepherd’s weight-loss journey. In a lengthy Instagram post from July 2021, she explained that a consistent workout routine and diet weren’t the only things needed to lose weight. 

Shepherd considered “getting consistent sleep, meditation, finding a great therapist to help me unpack hurt” were major factors in decreasing her size. 

Fans can watch Shepherd stunt in gorgeous outfits every weekday on daytime TV. 

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