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‘Making Other Changes… Helped Me Lose Even More Lbs’: Sherri Shepherd Shares Her Weight-Loss Secrets and It’s Not What You Expect

Sherri Shepherd is keeping it real with her followers about her weight-loss journey and revealing working out and eating right isn’t the only thing that can help a person lose weight faster.

On Tuesday, June 29, Shepherd uploaded a photo wearing a long sleeved tie dye dress and wrote, “Started this weight loss journey 8 mos ago, but making other changes in my life helped me lose even more lbs… getting consistent sleep, meditation, finding a great therapist to help me unpack hurt… forgiving those who’ve done me harm… more acceptance… less religion & more relationship… discovering that God loves me no matter what (yeah I am freaky and I curse😂), more water, more walking… being thankful, finding my worth… saying no… had to say goodbye to some friends who weren’t good for me.”

Sherri Shepherd reveals what else has helped her drop her weight. (Photo: @sherrishepherd/Instagram)

With that being said, according to Shepherd, “Peace makes the weight fall off.”

Later on that day she posted a video saying she has now taken up boxing class and explained how much pain she endured in her session. “My arms feel like rubber, my legs feel like rubber, I want to cry,” she started, “but I am determined to make it through this class because you’ve got to remember your why.”

Shepherd went on to give her 16-year-old son, Jeffrey, credit for being her “why” or her reasoning for wanting to be healthy. The former “The View” host has been keeping fans updated here and there on her journey. Being a living example to her fans, she posts videos of healthy recipes and pole dancing, in addition to modeling some beautiful outfits that show off her new figure.

“I just want to encourage you to do something that motivates you, and something that’s harder than you,” she said later on in the video. The “Beauty Shop” actress continued, “Get out there and do something that’s bigger than yourself and get your ‘why’ together.”

For the caption of the video, she wrote, “Weight loss & getting healthy! Remember your Why! Started boxing classes today and Lord I am tired … my body was not prepared for the intensity of non stop punches! But I keep remembering why I am doing this! He is 16 years old and thinks his isht doesn’t stink but he still tells me he loves me & kisses me before he goes to bed. Jeffrey is with every sacrifice I make for good health! Who is your WHY? #sherrishepherd #teamhealthy #boxing.”

Two months ago, she celebrated her 54th birthday by sharing the news with her fans that she dropped 20 pounds after discovering, like so many others, that she had gained weight during quarantine. She also told her fans that her initial plan was to only lose 15 pounds, but she ended up excelling past that point by ditching “sugar and carbs (the bad ones.)”

With Shepherd documenting her journey, she has really been helpful to her fans. One person said, “Your my inspiration! I lost almost 30lbs and counting! Pushing everyday ! ! 🔥🔥😍” Someone else commented, “Thank you for the reminder and motivation!!! 🥰 You look amazing!!! Goals!!!”

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