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‘The Chemistry Seems Weird’: Fans Notice Angela Simmons & Yo Gotti’s ‘Awkward’ Reaction to Crowd Goers Rapping the Lyrics To ‘Down In The DM’ 

Angela Simmons and Yo Gotti were spotted out in Philadelphia at the Theatre of Living Arts in support of Gotti’s new artist, Glorilla.

A TikTok user whose handle is @__jzahlee captured a video of the couple on Sunday, Feb. 26, standing next to one another as Gotti’s hit single “Down In the DM” began to play. 

In the 2016 song, Gotti mentioned Simmons for the first time revealing that he had a crush on her. He raps, “And I just followed Angela (Simmons) Boy, I got a crush on Angela (Simmons).” 

Once the song began playing exhilarated fans screamed the lyrics at the top of their lungs. However, once the camera captured Gotti and Simmons, their facial expressions were blank.

Yo Gotti and Angela Simmons. (Photo: (@__jzahlee/TikTok)

Hollywood Unlocked obtained the video and uploaded it onto their Instagram page, where fans suggested that the spark between Gotti and Simmons seemed off. 

“They always seem so awkward together like it’s the facial expressions for me.”

“They always seem uncomfortable around each other… or is it just me.”

“Very weird, they don’t seem into each other at all.” 

“The chemistry seems weird between these two.”

Fans have made it their business to analyze every stare, hand placement, and body movement Gotti and Simmons make. Some have expressed doubt about whether or not their relationship is sincere or fake, while others appear to be certain that this relationship was written in the stars. 

Earlier in February the couple faced claims that they were unhappy with each other. For the 65th annual Grammy Awards, Simmons decided to upload photos of their preparation, but her post quickly derailed after fans zoomed in on their seemingly stoic facial expressions. 

When news about a potential relationship between the “Growing Up Hip Hop” star and the CMG record label founder first began brewing, fans expressed concern that neither of them had the right intentions.

Some fans suspected that Gotti was Simmons’ last option after unsuccessful relationship attempts, and others suggested that the “Angela Cakes” founder was a “smash or pass” option for him. 

Despite the side-eyes and overanalyzed theories, the majority of their followers can’t help but gush over them. Their official pop-out photo on Instagram even accumulated over a million likes, and Simmons’ recent Valentine’s Day message to her boo received over two million plays. 

Months prior to their hard-launched love affair, they were regularly spotted out at different events and different vacations together. For Simmons’ 35th birthday in September, she along with the record executive enjoyed time together in Dubai.  

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