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‘I Love the Fact That People Are Giving Me My Flowers Now’: Method Man Talks Embracing His Sex-Symbol Status at 51

Method Man appreciates the adoration he receives from fans, even those who solely view him as a sex symbol.

“Honestly, it’s great. It’s great to have to get your flowers now,” he told “Entertainment Tonight” in an interview after the 65th-Annual Grammy Awards, which took place on Feb. 5 in Los Angeles.

Method Man
Method Man Photo: Methodmanofficial/Instagram

Method Man, born Clifford Smith, has been in the public eye for years. His launch into stardom took place in the early ’90s as part of the rap group Wu-Tang Clan, which rose to fame for its gritty lyricism.

However, in recent years, the New York emcee, 51, has blossomed into a respected actor that women cannot seem to get enough of. “I love the fact that people are giving me my flowers now. I honestly really worked on the craft, too. And I guess it’s paying off, it’s working,” said the NAACP Image Award winner. On any given day, floods of comments make their way to social media from smitten individuals swooning over the various attributes that have made him a bonafide sex symbol.

“I’m a very happily married woman, but that still didn’t stop me from noticing the fact that METHOD MAN looked like he was sprinkled in Sexy Sauce. Lol OMG that Hip Hop Tribute was lit! Loved it big time!” wrote one admirer on Twitter.

“Method Man is sexy at any age, matter of fact, he’s sexier even now that he’s older,” wrote another.

Even more lustful remarks can be found in the comments of his Instagram posts showcasing his muscular physique and the various workouts he does to keep himself in tip-top shape, which keep women biting their lips. But despite the constant blush-worthy praise, the “All I Need” rapper is not letting his heartthrob status go to his head.

“It’s also even better to be a fly on the wall to hear the conversations, but I’m gonna stay humble and keep doing what I do,” he added. In February 2022, when asked about his response to the onslaught of lusting fans that keep his name trending on social media, he told ESSENCE, “I don’t understand that s—t.”

The “Power Book II: Ghost” actor continued, “I go to the gym for my own peace of mind. I don’t do it to become someone’s sex symbol or a pinup on someone’s wall. I do it for me.”

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