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‘A Cigar and a HOG’: Steve Harvey Shows His Bass While Taking a Puff In IG Post After Folks Called Him Out for Smoking

Steve Harvey seemingly clapped back at fans who’ve shared negative opinions surrounding the TV host smoking cigars.  

In a recent Instagram upload, Harvey, 66, posted a photo of him kneeling down beside a lake with a fishing rod in his right hand, a largemouth bass fish in his left hand, and a large cigar in between his teeth. 

Steve Harvey receives backlash for smoking a cigar. (Pictured: @iamsteveharveytv/Instagram)

The “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” author wrote in the caption, “A cigar and a HOG… Man GOD is good… catchnrelease.” His photo attained over 207,000 likes and received over 1,700 comments. 

Many individuals, including Harvey’s brother in comedy Cedric The Entertainer, wrote positive messages in the comment sections. Some focused on the fish, including one person who said, “Good catch Mr. Harvey!” But there were several commentators shaming the philanthropist for smoking a cigar. 

“Man Steve quit smoking! It’s not good for you I want you to love a long happy life.”

“Cigar causes cancer [tear emoji] stop smoking.”

“I think that cigar is not good for him…who else think as I think…..but Steve ur my favorite.”

Fans of Harvey have recently made it their mission to call the actor out any chance they get to warn him about the dangers of smoking. 

Last week, Harvey posted a video of himself walking down a hallway of the “Family Feud” set as he flaunted two chic suits. As clean as he looked in the video, fans in the comments only noticed the big cigar placed in his mouth

Several suggested that his cigar took the attention away from his uniquely colored suits. Despite fans’ concerns, it seems as if the comedian is not going to stop smoking cigars anytime soon.

Harvey was gifted three boxes of cigars on the final day of tapping “Family Feud” in 2015. The Omega Psi Phi member revealed that he smoked his first cigar after the birth of his son, Wynton Harvey, during a previous interview with “Cigar Aficionado” Magazine.

In a 2016 video shared on his YouTube channel, the “Kings of Comedy” star stated that he’ll never turn his back on the role of tobacco because it’s something he likes to do during his alone time.

“Because I gotta work from the time I wake up,” he explained. “I said I gotta have little moments in the day where I’m just doing what I want to do.”

Harvey continued to describe a cigar as “relaxing” to him. 

“I don’t do drugs, I ain’t eat no cake. I got one woman, she at the house working. I’m down here working, something’s gotta give — cigars,” he said before taking a few puffs.

Harvey added that smoking for him is equivalent to “yoga.” But it’s unclear how many of his fans would say the same.

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