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‘Gotten a Little Too Thin’: Tami Roman Fans Race to Her Defense After Trolls Criticize Her Drastic Weight Loss

Tami Roman’s weight was recently brought into question after she uploaded a full-body photo of herself onto Instagram. 

The 52-year-old reality star turned actress showed fans what she looked like in her natural state without her wig as she relaxed on a green couch.

 “Nothing like… after a long day, getting home and taking that wig TF off [laughing emojis] dis bra got next,” she wrote. 

Tami Roman. (Photo: @tamiroman/Instagram.)

As stunning as the “House of Vicious” star looked to some, several individuals pointed out how slim Roman appeared. 

“Tammy don’t lose another pound girl u hear me NOT one more pound.”

“You look so thin. What happened?” 

While plenty of comments were aimed at Roman’s weight, one in particular received even more notice.

A user whose handle is @sherryyoung831 wrote, “You look so healthy, no offense, but you had gotten a little too thin. You look great.”

After reading the backhanded compliment, one fan decided that it was time to completely defend Roman by educating folks on her health status. 

“She has diabetes wtf .. dat was really just distasteful of you,” a user said in response to the statement. 

A fan runs to Tami Roman’s defense after trolls mention her thin appearance. (Pictured: @tamiroman/Instagram)

Roman candidly has discussed her struggles with weight gain, being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and how it plays an intricate role in her body dysmorphic disease. 

During an appearance on “The Real” in 2021, the former “Basketball Wives” star said, “Today at 50 years old, I’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and my weight fluctuates with that and you couple that with the disorder, and it’s a hard thing to manage.” 

The condition took over Roman’s mind when she was just 13 years old, and she’d spent time with a modeling agency. 

“I was tall, I was 5’9 I was thin,” she told the hosts. While her confidence was initially at an all-time high, it took a nosedive, she said, because of the company’s agent tearing down her body. 

“She stood me in front of a mirror and said ‘You got back folds. You got fat over your knees, you know you need to do something with your chin,’ ” Roman said. 

Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental health condition that causes a person to become obsessed with one’s physical appearance. It creates false flaws, leading a person to make it a habit to cover their perceived flaws, according to 

In Roman’s case, she dealt with drinking laxatives and throwing up, and even had her jaws wired shut in 1993 in order to become skinnier.

Though this is something she has struggled with for nearly three decades, she has learned how to ignore fans’ comments and even, sometimes with humor sprinkled in, occasionally claps back at their unsolicited opinions.

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