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‘This is Not for the Weak’: Tia Mowry Talks Her New Role as Single Mom and Difficult Decision to Divorce Husband of 14 Years Cory Hardrict 

Since recently announcing her divorce from actor Cory HardrictTia Mowry says she is adjusting to her new normal. Despite stating the two, who were married for 14 years, will still remain amicable as they co-parent, the actress says she feels like she is always in “survival mode.”

Mowry, 44, said life has changed quickly since the couple split, especially as she is a caretaker for her two children, Cree, 11, and Cairo, 4.

The “Sister, Sister” star said she is now “really learning how to really be present” as a solo parent, living for the first time with her children without her husband.

In court documents, Mowry petitioned a judge for joint physical and legal custody, making sure the children are supported by both parents.

“I feel like, especially as a mom wearing so many different hats, I’m always in survival mode,” Mowry said to People magazine while talking about her new partnership with Lactaid.

“I’m always making sure everybody is OK, everybody’s alive, everybody’s healthy, everybody’s fed,” the twin stated, “and making sure everybody’s fine, they have no holes in their socks, et cetera.”

For Mowry, it is an opportunity to expand herself, not just as a caretaker for others, but considering her needs. She said, “For me, it’s about learning how to be aware and present with myself and tapping in and making sure I too am taken care of. [Because] how can you take care of other people if your cup isn’t filled?”

Since 2008, Mowry and Hardrict have presented themselves as one of Hollywood’s most solid couples, always pushing their Christian values, love for family, and unwavering commitment to privacy. So, to announce the two were calling it quits was difficult for the former child star.

On Thursday, Nov. 3, she said to Us Weekly, “It was not easy. I usually tell people in my close circle, ‘This is not for the weak.’ It’s very hard.”

“I feel like when you continue to work on you and work on yourself and work on loving yourself and valuing yourself and having self-worth, the decision becomes easier,” Mowry shared.

Adding, “Once you are in tune with yourself, it makes it easier to make that decision. But it doesn’t mean that it’s not hard. It was very difficult because you have to think about so many things.”

As the two create a new normal, the two have publicly declared their love for each other, even though they are no longer a duo.

Mowry took to social media and wrote on a picture signifying a change in their lives, “Every book starts with a dedication page, and this one’s dedicated to you: my friends, family, and community.” 

Mowry continued in her caption, “The outpouring of love I have received from you over the last week has been so encouraging and humbling. I’m so grateful to you all. New Book, First Chapter to follow. Love, Tia [red heart].”

Hardrict saw the message and placed a heart under the message, and she replied to his comment, writing “I love you [red heart].” 

A week later, while promoting his upcoming season of the CW’s “All American: Homecoming,” where he plays Coach Marcus Turner, he said, “It’s love y’all, I love y’all for real. I love my beautiful family, I love my kids, I love my wife. I love all you guys; just know that.”

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